The way in which the snow, the destruction and dinosaur, the 8 science sciences need to know 6 February

Shaping the Seafarer, the Earth's devastation and a new dinosaur, here's your science news episode for 6 February.

– According to a recent survey, female women's braids would be younger than males of the same age. On a metaphorically, the two species would not give a lesser four years. According to the researchers, this reason could explain the differences in mental disruption that were inspected between men and women over 60 years.

– We are all wrong at the Slow Way: it has been imagined as far as a flat plate, but according to a recent survey it is not. Our galaxy would be converted and war, the more we get from the center. According to the researchers, the difference in the distance distance between the inside and outside of the galaxy is the cause. The inside disk would keep the god outside, which would prevent it.

– Scandal in the UK: fish in a fish scene and well-known teams at risk of extinction. This is the decision of a team of scientists who conducted DNA checks on fish products. They include the head-decorative of a trout, mussel or blue meat. An example that looks so detailed & # 39; is food liquor.

– In the UK, an unusual feature has been watched. Walkers have seen some types of snow rollers, in a very sophisticated shape. Measuring about one meter in diameter and one meter wide, they are, as a result, a natural process. To make a form, there must be a fresh snow rod on low ground.

– All projections are listed: in 2050, we will have 10 billion people on Earth. And if humanity does not move to multiplication, but to demographic decline? This is the theory of two scientists, who investigate the UN strategies. Accordingly, the demographic change around the world will be faster than expected, due to the decline in male fertility and the transformation of women's lifestyle.

– Are you tired of being cold? We have the solution! Scientists have discovered, by using the Cornish salt use, and grow faster. Better still: coughing and flowing faster than you can not cure. We can finally give thanks to the actors!

– American American Society's researchers have shown that bone disease in disease diseases is more than obesity than boomers. The millennials are to become shorter in history. Only half of the young boomers were too heavy or fat at the same age.

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– A new species of a herb adventurer was found in southern Argentina. The latter would be conferred by extremely long, sharp, and sharp spirals; behind to protect against potential predators. It would have lived 140 million years ago and can be rebuilt at the Science Cultural Center in Buenos Aires.

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