This food will reduce our protection against flu!

A recent SA study concluded that it has been recognized that food hygiene products operate negatively on human natural protection against the influenza virus. But it is still anodyne material, for example, being used in cooking oil, with a view to making cars stable.

What is this material?

In its report of 7 April, 2019 by Michigan State University (MSU), researchers mentioned Third-level butylhydroquinone or BHQTusually known as E319. The European Chemicals Organization (ECHA) reports that BHQT exists toxicities for aquatic life, harmful with injecting, big-blowing eyes, skin damage and may cause an allergic reaction.

Yet, the same snake is E319 attend a variety of foods. t such as breakfast cereals, instant notes, cake mixes, frozen meat or frogs in fast food restaurants.

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Concerned decision

In their recent research, MSU scientists have confirmed the BHQT weaken our protective response to the flu virus. The study has shown – through tests performed on mouse – that a diet is rich in BHQT. canceled T activity supporters and cells T are killed. Thus, symptoms like flu can occur in such a case.

Not because this is because researchers have shown that special proteins were made such as this CTLA-4 and IL-10 that BHQT is elevated to the body. These proteins are known to weaken the immune system. But in spite of this it is a hypothesis that further research is needed.

Anyway, the tests that were done to the guinea pig meant that it was possible to prove that the sum went out t and remember the defense system. There were mice on which the flu was fed with a fixed diet at BHQT later. This view is logical asking, because its tail may be To minimize the effectiveness of vaccines against flu virus!


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