Too much weight increases the risk of cancer in young people

Maybe two or three fewer lives could be saved. The American magazine The Lancet the publication of a terrible review of an increase in cancer rates in young Americans. The rise is particularly marked for cancer which is associated with overweight and obesity. For researchers, there is a broken connection.

5 obesity related cancer

The study looked at time between 1995 and 2014. Researchers looked at 30 cancers, of whom 12 are associated with overweight and obesity. The most worrying increase in the number of cancer cases is 25-29 years old, particularly for: renal cancer, pancreas, gas smell, uterine and colorectal lining. For scientists, not only obese people with a higher risk of cancer, but also overweight people.

60% of breast cancer is associated with overweight

According to their results, 60% of breast cancer in over 30s can be overweight, 33% of cancer cancer, 36% of breast cancer, 17% of cancer; pancreas and 11% of myeloma cases.

Warning, overweight, diabetes … and cancer

In 2017, a published research published in March The Lancet, which showed that nearly 800,000 worldwide cancers were associated with overweight, obesity and diabetes. In most cases, cancer and liver cancer are men, and breast and endometrial cancer for women. Men were twice as affected by men.

In France, around 18,000 cancer cases in 2015 were associated with an unfair diet: too poor in fruit and fiber, but too rich in red meat. At the same time, some cancer affects younger people and younger people, such as breast cancer, who are found in 25-year-old women.

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