Wedding of Carlos Ghosn at the Palace of Versailles, under the law of raising the justice of France – Le1

After Nissan, it's about Renault to explore how the company's older sister company Carlos Ghosn used the company's property. The first case is a & # 39; from this study: using a guarantee contract between the diamond company and the Versailles Palace. Ghosn was married and celebrated his wife's birthday, not paying the expenses. Asserted by his lawyer, Ghosn offered to pay the sum due to the protection against other legal initiatives.

Carlos Ghosn has paid his offer for the palace of Versailles Palace to pay the expenses associated with the celebration of his wedding and the birth of his wife in the gardens of the Amazing Palace. A recommendation that comes less than 24 hours after going to & # 39; Publishing the Renault's request to French legal authorities to investigate the financial history of the event.

The French giant giant investigates whether the use of Ghosn de Versailles for this incredible event is a negative on corporate financial support and "personal benefit" for his president. before.

Renault's research is about a guarantee agreement EUR 2.3 million, negotiated by the Versailles Palace, where the car dealer was entitled to benefits, including a variety of opportunities to use the Castle for its own events.

In a statement, Renault said Thursday, according to his survey, "personal support" 50,000 Euros under this trust agreement has been referred to as "personal benefits" Carlos Ghosn, saying that the group then brought this truth to the attention of the legal authorities.

The French lawyer was President of Renault, Jean-Yves Le Borgne, shortly after he sent a statement saying: "Carlos Ghosn paid her wedding expenses. The event of the event in Versailles was introduced for free, and Mr Ghosn was not aware that the use of this place would be used to use Renault. "

Renault doubts about the wedding of Carlos Ghosn who was the first one who came out of a large search of a French company on his / her; formerly a previous leader, who is currently searching; looking at Nissan's deeper research about his former president's current financial affairs, which was currently arrested in Japan waiting for a test.

Carson Versailles? " It is simple, when you invite people to a party, they will answer you probably maybe used to move Carlos Ghosn when asked to ask this question. When inviting them to Versailles, you're sure they will come! The headteacher had seen great things for his 120 guests. Sofia Coppola's "Marie-Antoinette" film would have been a model for night organization and many eighteen dress items had been involved. " We wanted our guests to have their feelings at home Carole Ghosn said. The "chez nous" … is the Grand Trianon, reciting the Parisian.

Carlos Ghosn, who was nominated by Japanese supporters for his / her estimation of his salary and his / her; approaching the fourth month imprisonment at the Tokyo conservation center, which offers the Friday morning tender through its French lawyer.

He continued to have a claim convicted, but, according to law experts, it seems that the Japanese court continues.

Although both Nissan and Renault are agreeing to investigate the use of their company assets by Carlos Ghosn, the relationships between the two partners have a partnership; clearly show that they are arrested by the previous leader's arrest to be arrested in November.

A strong legal exchange of letters, which has been reported by the Financial Times, has suggested a disagreement between Nissan and Renault over the past. provides Carlos Ghosn's research and the degree of publicity between the two companies.

In a letter, Renault expresses that Nissan has "unclear and agreed" statements about a particular complaint and questions about a Japanese society's co-election to an alliance … who was ; Starting to sign up well before arresting Gosn.

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