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With residential exhibitions, Las Vegas is renewing

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Las Vegas (SA) (AFP)

Six months ago, Sahar Mohammadrabie left his own state in Missouri to move to Las Vegas. But this young American came not for sin, casinos or party: it is there for the music.

In the event, a new generation is far away from the historical Las Vegas clusters – a broom and slots tools – heading to a famous Nevada city for artistic resorts. they are being rebuilt.

Before running out of steam and being part of the small 'kitschy' position of the city, the cottages allowed Las Vegas to write his fame as Liberace, Frank Sinatra, and as a most famous of all: Elvis.

Now the rap stars, Cardi B, Drake or G-Eazy are the biggest, which have settled in luxury clubs for the "showcases" series, nearer but shorter concerts.

"I came for the exhibition," Sahar Mohammadrabie told AFP in a new and glossy nightclub, Kaos, who paid Cardi B for the opening weekend on 6th April.

"I don't play and I'm lucky," said the young woman trying to see an American rap queen.

Jon Gray, the manager of this club, who is fast-moving for young people, explains how her clients look: "Many + Millennials + that comes to Las Vegas for the daring" , but has not grown up with gambling ".

He is still "millennial" at the age of 35, he describes this movement as his generation grew up in the event of an economic crisis.

"They didn't think they would bet and they would put their money in danger," he says.

A specific budget for access to major clubs such as the Kaos is required: between $ 40 and $ 2,000 (depending on the close proximity of the artist in the chamber, access to VIP square) …).

And Jon Gray hopes the world of concerts will be the door to the other parts of Las Vegas for "puddings": "I think we'll see people trying out the black or dice."

– Water of the stars – t

Vegas residential regeneration is largely a result of the inevitable Celine Dion, which began its mission in 2003.

Although difficult to accommodate entrant concert halls, the star from Canada sold $ 385 million in ticket sales for the first four-year game in the game.

"We must honor him," said Jon Gray. "She urged many others who saw they could fill the room for a series of dates."

Since then Elton John, Cher, Mariah Carey and Britney Spears have played in Vegas, and Celine Dion is completing her home, where she is deemed to win the $ 500,000 prize per presentation.

For his new appointment, which is part of the city of the Palms Casino hotel, which was recently refurbished for nearly billion dollars, Jon Gray hasn't looked at the cost, paying. Giant star services such as Skrillex, Travis Scott or Cardi B. t

And the investment is costing, if one thinks the long queue which stretched on Saturday night in front of the nightclub – a strong 8,000 seats – is needed for the opening weekend.

The party's Tony Suarez, 28, from Los Angeles was in the crowd to watch the game of Colombia's star star J Balvin. He was also there for the music: "It is attracting a different audience, there are different residences every weekend".

For Jon Gray the result is "electricity", not Cardi B against him.

By wearing the greenish green hat and a similar feather coat, New York's rapper fitted in this unusual style with the audience listening to the end of the night.

To celebrate, for the event, one of the city's big scenes: "What is happening in Vegas is still in Vegas".

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