Women's arms would stay longer than those

This is a study that says: we are not equal to cerebral independence. The women's efforts would not be so faster than men. This research demonstrates that there are many differences in brain development related to sex.

Analysis that shows some of the # 39; Differences between braids of women and men

Several studies have already shown signs in brain development between men and women, especially in terms of getting older, but also disease development. This research was carried out in particular on a dead man, and this is not the case of a survey by US scientists.

Coming from the University of Washington, they surveyed the 205 person's mouth, very lively. The results were published on 4 February in the magazine National Academy of Sciences Events.

He teaches that women would be pregnant. Keeping the brain metabolism a few years younger than men during their life. In order to achieve these results, the investigations have been asked for PET (for emission tomography).

Younger brain metabolism in women

PET allows scientists to monitor the blood as well as oxygen and glucose in many areas of the brain. The main process of using glucose glycolysis is aerobic. The oldest ones we get, reduce the neurons in this action. By seeking a learning algorithm, researchers asked questions of each one's questions.

And it seems to be average that the estimate for men was 2.8 years older than the age; For women, it is 3.8 years younger than children than a real age. One of the authors at the study, Manu Goyal, explains: " That's not the case that men of men are getting faster ".

And to show that its " A adult begins three years earlier than that from women and this difference is maintained for life "The reasons for this difference between men and women are not yet known. Further analysis of the results of this survey will be confirmed.

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