You will be able to "Book of which you are the hero" to play "with Alexa

a & # 39; Digital speakers such as Amazon Echo no HomePods offering new opportunities for interactive entertainment.

Ultimately, it is heard that is designed. The Amazon platform that sells audio books for download now is & # 39; offering users with English Play "Book on which you are the hero" through an Echo speaker Thanks to your proactive skill.

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In order to implement this new skill and to proceed on their divinity, it is enoughorder "Alexa, open your own historic Select" and select the work that will be done. Two subtitles in English are modified for the time. "The Abominable Snowman" and "Underwater Tour". The wizard will read the story and the sheep when choice is required.

According to Wikipedia, & quot; the books you are in; warrior (LDVELH) "novels with its feature to be interactive, and the story depends on the reader's options". The species is known glory during the 1980s. The SelectCo publications revived the collection in the 2000s. However, we can say that this type of text is available; grow now, covered by video games and other interactive lines.

But fans still have playbooks. Gallimard has recently introduced the genre with some of the things that have been done (including The Wizard of the Mountain of Fire). The Serious Poulp, the same time, added to the LDVELH with its board game in the 7th Europe that is a using a similar game system.

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