Morrison tells of the National Journalist Group: election after a political budget will live. Australian News


I do not agree, with great respect, with your assessment, in the conduct of my colleagues.

What I and my colleagues have been doing – indeed, that is why I've been doing it; I recognize my Home Affairs advice so that people can read themselves.

He's out there. You can read yourself. The warning is very clear.

I think that's very consistent with the type of behaviors that you are doing; ask from us, to make sure that there is a very clear … I mean, how many times? – you've been around a long time, Katharine, how many times did you see a prime minister to give and give the kind of advice to the country.

He is sorry that he gave a five-day Bill to respond to that. And how Mathias Cormann I put my memory today, when a Party vote for this bill in the Assembly last year, he did not; They even got a security summary that affected this.

You can see, my thumbnail … disappointment, and not a strong word. What I and other ministers have passed through to end the Australian borders … I lived in these terrible years when the corpses were going to go. going up and honored myself when I came to government when Tony was a prime minister that we had never allowed this to happen again.

And what's happening in the & # 39; Our current parliament is in Australia, it may have been completely motivated. I do not make any criticism about humans here. In fact, somewhat else.

But what do I do – they do not know what they are doing; play with him. They have no idea of ​​what their effects on what they are doing; play with them. And they will put rid of the world forever. How do I know? I saw it before. And I have never ever wanted to see it again.

So, I do not get back from citing it so hard and just as it's & # 39; I can. If Bill Shorten permits to pass that bill in any way, format or format, that is the test. That's the only test that's going on to & # 39; parliament this week. No one who wins or loses a vote. It's the only test – Bill Shorten is well and her & # 39; prevent us from protecting the end by using us; Give me this document in my format?

And if it does, an Australian is not able to prove what they already know.

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