Mosharraf Karim le Babul TV


Babul has done business in a mofussil area. Days to connect its business. According to the sources, Babul also runs a local channel in the area. Babul TV is the channel name. In that channel, he created a Bangladeshi ban, Hindi as well as local people or business centers. So Babul Media was a bit off; and went on with a word "Superhit" in the word "Babul". Badiul Alam, a town-based business-based businessman, is located in the center of town. Her only daughter fled from home for two days; Badaru was complained about her daughter's investigation. When Mitali, the daughter of Badiul, was known to be seen in Babul TV. Sadly, Badiul came to Babul's very terrible media. Then the story turns to the other. In a drama entitled "Super hit Babul Media", it will be featured in the way the famous actor Mosharraf Karim In the play, played the role of Babul. Snegda Momin is attached to her. Shahjahan Saurav made his story, script and conversation. Directed by Abu Hayat Mahmud. The drama will be broadcast on 12 February at Bangla Vision in nine minutes.

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