Mosquitoes can hear sounds from a distance, saying that


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Mosquitoes may be able to contact your conversations: researchers from the University of Binghamton and the University of Cornell have discovered Aedes Aegypti mosquito antenna can find sounds that have 10 meters away.

The study, published in it Current biology On February 7, it was said that mosquitoes, believed they had limited listening capabilities, and heard sounds from a larger pace, said a news release from Binghamton University. The study allows scientists to gain a better understanding of how mosquitoes use their senses to find out about food sources and partners.

Staff from both universities cooperate to confirm the ability of high listener mosquitoes. Laura Harrington and Ron Hoy from the University of Cornell investigated how mosquito's audiences were influencing mating behavior, and Gil Menda's doc docks were recorded by Hoy to record an unusual mosquito antenna work when stimulating with sound. The team found that the mosquitoes strengths were aware of long-distance sounds.

Continuing to & # 39; This step, Hoy and Menda joined the professor of Binghamton University Ron Miles to set the mosquitoes in his laboratory, built to sound noise without sound or sound sounds. In this quiet room, the crew confirmed the mosquito response to different sounds, including sounds of female mosquitoes; fly for male mosquitoes. Interestingly enough, the male mosquitoes did not answer the sounds of women and disappeared when they heard those sounds.

The challenging situation for trying to listen to mosquitoes. (Photograph of Credit: Long and Short Listening in the current Mosquito & Aedes aegypti / Biology)

"We can look at the behavior of male mosquitoes in terms of sounds of male or female moths," Miles said in the " press release. "We were also able to measure the strange antenna of their antenna and they were able to hear sounds from a long-standing wonder in the only tricks that are important for people's speech."

The survey did not focus on whether the ability to listen to mosquitoes would help them to detect human beings, but it revealed an insight into how there is an important sound for activity related to those insects.

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