Most of the clerks arrested at Ottawa's illegal marijuana centers were held on criminal records


Ottawa Police Warning Wee Medical Travel Company at 293 St. Laurent Blvd. in Ottawa on Friday 4th November, 2016. A policeman gives evidence from the shop. Tony Caldwell

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Most of the people arrested for drug trafficking are long & while working in Ottawa's illegal marijuana officers on a guilty marriage and crime records were kept up with the courts.

Out of the 46 "budtenders" called arrested when the police were attacked and put into operation, 30 had complained guilty and given in accordance with court records. It is a decision to issue, but no criminal offense is recorded.

Of the others:

Five have appealed guilty and are expected to be sentenced to them this month and next step.

Four sentences have been suspended, which means a criminal offense is recorded.

Two people stayed, and including the classroom room Magna Terra, Nina Vigile, who had been accused of trafficking and crimes after an invasion of an unlawful hand held in a safe place in her bedroom at her house. A judge in November ruled that Vigile & Charter rights were broken because the courts did not get their case quickly enough.

Five people have not been convicted of guilty and their issues are making the way through the court system.

Among those still facing the courts are two brothers Nina Vigile, Franco Vigile and Peter J. Vigile, who were responsible for drug trafficking and receiving money from crime in connection with Magna Terra Dispensaries . The two Magna Terra stores were attacked by police, on Carling Avenue and Stittsville, in March 2017.

Police made hard attacks on the unlawful divisions of Ottawa between 2016 and 2018, but many shops have just been re-opened or replaced.

Landscapes changed when a revival marijuana became legal on October 17. Most of the services of the & town. Some activists wanted to apply for permission to operate a law firm, while others were constrained by penalties in the new station cannabis law for both shop and landlord staff who would ; rent them.

Four shops stayed open after a legal case, but they closed after a last year's police attack. The new new regional law also allows the police to close any suggestion to a & # 39; Marijuana sold illegally.

At least five were expressed by regional offenses in these four statutes, but the police refused to provide information on the costs.

Under the departmental law, people who sell cannabis outside the legal framework are liable for taxes up to $ 250,000 or two years in prison. Criminals who face corpses can face boundaries up to $ 1 million.

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