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"I can not keep it silent because it has not been the test of the ability of critics but our constitution," one of the constitutional critics dissatisfied Lajos Mészáros a & # 39; start. He came to an end with Saturday with another eight of his colleagues. He would have to write one of the most important (independent) places for nineteen years of the Constitutional Court post.

This is a Constitutional Court decision on the security reviews of the judges and who have a & Constitutional judges should abolish the constitutional law adopted by their parliament.

The result is, almost after the election of new constitutional judges, and, The worst consequences of the constitutional immune system – the judges have decided that the constitutional law has a legal non-statutory review. For the first time, they said b & # 39; They can stop the constitutional law issued by a constitutional majority of at least 90 delegates.

It is called "Constitutional Revolution" which is likely to have the potential impact on the operation of the constitutional system, according to another judge of Ladislav Orosz.

Important judges will find where their & # 39; Constitutional Court?

Four Emergencies: Its Constitutional Court has exceeded its powers

Most of the judges have come to her; The view that this constitutional law is against the constitution.

This challenge is challenged by the opponents. indicate that this is the result of the powers of the Constitutional Court.

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