Most of the pollen know about getting to # 39; banned trading, half two commercials prefer every month


The year 2019 gave another tightening to trading terms on Sundays. In accordance with the provisions of the Act, this year we can only buy one Sunday in a month.

Over 60% of respondents responded correctly that the transaction ban does not apply only on Sunday of the month from the end of January 2019. At the same time, this type of knowledge does not have approximately 1/4 of respondents – people who need to have a & # 39; confirm if they can buy on Sundays.

Twenty-two are under the control of trade, much better solution

Despite a good knowledge and that it is especially a & # 39; Using a trading vaccine, almost 46% of respondents claimed that two Days have not had a much better solution without trading solution (this statement is particularly suitable for women – 49.8% – and – largest city residences – 52.7%). A similar percentage of respondents believe that Sunday's Sunday ban should be completely deleted, and last year it was about 37%.

In the year of the ban on trading; Politics have been used to lack Sunday stores. We will plan and & # 39; doing shops in advance.

Women are prepared especially for their trading breakdown – 61.7% have a & # 39; buy in advance (in this male group there is 48.3%). On the other hand, people are more likely to buy purchases online (4.8% vs. 2.7% in the women's group) or look for open stores Sunday (15.8% vs. 8.6%). The youngest shops will look at shops that will go to the shops. Opening Sunday is also more frequent, aged 18-24 (17.9%).

Welcome is particularly difficult to make emergency shops

Despite good organizing and preparation for a lack of Sunday shopping opportunities, nearly 1/3 of respondents say they are " feel badly damaging the ban. Respondents indicate that there is a danger of urgency, the purchase of small groses, which are essential at an unexpected visit to the unwanted guest visit or when something is needed for a dinner, particularly lamenting them. About 20% of the respondents show this type of inconvenience. Around it. 10% of respondents also show, during working hours and lack of time for a shop, the ban on own trade is a burden. 4.5% of respondents fear negative negative effects (including economic slowdown, remoteness, higher prices in shops, etc.).

The ban on Sunday trading is effective from 1 March 2018. This year does not include the last Sunday in a month. Since 2020, a trade in Poland will only allow 7 Sunday, and is prohibited in 45.

The survey was conducted by the Media Group Havas Media Group in mid-January 2019, using the CAWI method, internet search panel, on a representative sample of adult policemen, n = 1077. This is the first wave of the research visit that will be done once a quarter.

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