Most of the SNP bark are barred, and holes have emerged


Most SNP routes are used by pedestrians and cyclists.

November 21, 2018 at 13:32 PM

Bratislava. Most SNP routes are used by pedestrians and cyclists. In some places, holes have emerged, where cars under a bridge or water can run in the Danube.

The capital city has been in trouble for a long time, and from the end of September, the emergency was repaired. However, crossover pages will increase the maintenance time and & # 39; increase total costs.

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The reconstruction was originally planned for 120 days with a total investment of 1.5 million barrels.

However, after removing the asphalt on the footbridge, the pages were found to have the cats grown so large. They do not have enough repair or repair, but they need to replace them.

"This will continue to expand on maintenance and increase in funding," said Bratislava Zuzana Onufer. The completion date for the repair and size of the total cost to date has not yet been confirmed.

There is a barrier around the hole

The town is already on the folded hole that has been found again in the east section, which is now a barrier, and there is a barrier. In the days ahead, it will arrange this section.

"Across the bridge is safe. The capital was able to make an expert idea from a photographer. On each footbridge, it proved the corrosive loss of plates, which were not as much as possible It is a danger to the safety of pedestrians and riders. He praised regular surveys and correction just when there is another local disorder. The main town is continuing, "said Onufer.

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Work on the reconstruction of the Mosta SNP tracks has been running since September.

There is always one passage where there are arrangements of mixed pedestrians and cyclists.

Look after decades

On the west board, the pages exchange will be dirty on the rail repair. "An epoxy film will then be inserted into the handheld sheets to have the asphalt already," said Onufer. When work on the western footbridge is completed, the rampings on the Old Town and Petržalka side will be completed and the SNP's rail repair will be completed with their home by & # 39; repairing the east bridge.

The Bratislava government began to take more account of SNP Bridge after 40 years and repaired in stages. On the important link between Petržalka and mid-summer summer, they updated the road for 1.5 million euros. The exterior and interior were first repaired.

Last year's capital added its support to & # 39; Overall review of the bridge.

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