Mother Diaz told the police


Mrs. Zayeda Amin Chowdhury fell down on the ground to judge the murder of her death; boy On Thursday, at the ground of the University of Chittagong, the Staff Association Association competition was held. Prothom-alo file image.

• Diaz Irfan's mother had long been lamenting the ground
• A mother went to the police
• Maternal complaints, the accused people are publicly circulated

Late in the field that mourns a few days ago. The police went to the police station. She is Diaz Irfan's mother, Zaheda Amin Chowdhury. Police & Police Policitor (CID) Choinnich Nazmul Karim Khan from the Chittagong area and Police Police Commissioner. Monday City on Monday evening. Le Mahbubur Rahman asked the accused to kill the son.

Zaheda Amin Chowdhury said in the first light, "The accused person has murdered his travel in public. But he was not arrested. Meet a policeman with his police and police The commissioner said that there is a case in the hands of CID. But he does all kinds of co-operation. Nazmul Karim spoke, on the other hand, with the case inspection officer and he assured them that the accused should be taken by law.

Police Chief of Police (CID), Nazmul Karim Khan of the Department of Chittagong, said, "Those who are accused of this case are very close to their power. That's why we need to work responsibly. You can not get it wrong. If the evidence is not right, I can not give it there. It would not be wise to take someone who knows the power of the bowel force.

Home Police Commissioner. Mahbubur Rahman said, "The case is being investigated by the CID. In the presence of Zaheda Amin, CID asked fair investigation. In addition, any help from the CID will be made in urban areas.

Previously, abducted Jeddah Amin Chowdhury at his & # 39; midfield school Wednesday in the annual sports program of the third-level university staff of the university. Jahida Amin is also a university member. Later on, he would like to be right for its Creator. When he became ill, he got the help at the medical center.

Zaida Amin has been singing several times to ask her & her; murder of his son's murder. On 30 October last year, the program was run on the habitat for killing children. Earlier, he became ill after the acceleration strike was completed from November 28, 017 to December 1, 2017.

The physiologist helped Student Student Lion League Diaz Irfan Chowdhury from the rented house of two gateways on November 20, 2016. Diaz's body is the first spellchecker on November 21, 2016. Two days later, the police reported that the murderous conviction was not equal to the authority's report. On November 24, Javeda Amin challenged the accused person, Alamgir Tipu, former Vice President Prowar Anwar Hossain Chowdhury, who was the president of the BCL University branch, and 10 others, on taxes kill the son. Later on, on 6 December of the same year, the body was removed from the grave and ordered the postmortem. It is said in the report that Diaz's death was found in the murder evidence.

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