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"Not my worst feet, I thought that my baby's kiss could be killed and I do not want other parents to go through this," said Briton Kelly Ineson about Kiara's childhood death Cummins, as a result of modern birthdays.

The joy of Kiara for the family of Cummins, at the end of the last July, was not successful, just a few days later, when the state of the health of her daughter died until she died.

According to the Daily Mail, Kiara was only ten days old when Kelly and her fiancé, Thomas Cummins, went to hospital because her weight had fallen dramatically.

The beginning of the disaster for this British family, who was live in Dewsbury.

Doctors who have been diagnosed with the disease child have been confirmed for a few days. At that time, the daughter's habitats stopped working, then sepsis took place and she needed to be encouraged to eat.

Kiara's family did not know how their situation was going down badly every day. When her mother's mother saw a group of doctors surrounding her and connecting her to the tools, she knew that the baby would not live.

Ultimately, herbs were considered absent, but at that time they told Kiara's parents that there was nothing left to do and that the little man died.

Although the little girl was put in coma, even if she had been alive, she would have a bad bad brain on her.

Ineson and her lover had to decide to disconnect their daughter from the tools she kept alive.

In the United Kingdom, newborn herpes affect 1.65 children per cent thousand births. It is caused by a simple, herpes virus that is very cold, and causes a chicken and its; pressure in adults.

In babies, the virus is deadly because the immune system is not fully developed.

After Kiara's death, she told her family's doctors that the child was more likely to be; blocking her virus through a kiss.

So, Ineson is asking all parents to care for their children about the people they poke.

"We were always careful not to let anyone who looked badly or washed their hands near her," said Ineson.

Many people do not know they have their virus, because one is out of three.

Kiara's mother is struggling to try to find out what happened. Now remember the day Kiara died as worst of her life.

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