Mother of all exams & # 39;


Make it live.50 years ago, mother of all demos & deliver our technology in the future

In recent years, innovation in slow-running steps has been measured over many years, but demo in 1968 has changed the form of personal computers in just 90 minutes. In an exhibition called "the mother of all exams," Douglas Engelbart showed technology that directly led Macintosh Apple, the Internet, Windows, Google Docs, mouse, and # 39; computer and many, much more. The part ab & # 39; Amazingly, it happened for 50 years ago, in 1968, when the microchips were just a crest in the eyes of scientists.

How long is it, the herdsman.NASA Voyager 2 probes have inserted an inter-state space

The NASA & Voyager 2 spacecraft has gone out to the flashing device – the plasma tool that created its & # 39; sunshine that includes a & # 39; Most of our solar system – and went into an interstate room, and doing it as the second thing made by humans. Voyager 1 a & # 39; The first one to do, but this Plasma Experimental Science works at this spaceboat; used to gauge the grain measure of the windsets until the sum fell to nothing. But both boats still have a technological space within the solar system, however. And they will be left Oort Cloud, a huge collection of things that are still that still affect the sun's landscape.

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Light CloudElon Musk said the SEC can not stop it from typing what he wants

In an interview with the CBS program 60 Minutes, Musk explained that he does not support the SEC but is "respecting the justice system." He also said that he married Robyn Denholm as the new chairman of the board of Tesla, and from having to want to be a chairman again, he would prefer "no titles at all."

That's interesting.Documentary awards at the Fff Festival January 18

Fèis Fyre was designated as "the cultural knowledge of the decade," but as we all know, it seems that it was a huge and long disaster from the faster, advertised event advertised. New documentary, Fire, watching spectators on the festival as they are; describes the organizers themselves.

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