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Wednesday, November 28, 2012 12:00 PM (GMT + 7)

Recently, a series of penalties for teachers for students cause a lot of urgent in the community. Millions of parents are lamenting to see those penalties in the educational environment.

Abolishing the incredible penalties in education - 1

I had to go to hospital because of the teacher for slap

The penalties that nobody was thinking about

In February, 2018, the story started the students to knees at Chanh Binh, Ben Luc, Long An, causing movement. Here, the parents came to the school to show Mrs. 4/3's teacher to; discipline the students kneeling several times, there are 10 minutes, even in the whole class (at personal punishment, at a part time), good children; used the rifle in the student's hand; Call to "students" … Many of the feared children will be punished, do not let go to school.

Ms. N. disqualified for the student's penalty, but the parents did not accept him. Both sides were turned hard, and the parents asked her; Mrs. N. Quynh was going to complain about the incident. When N. put on his clothes and took hold of his knees, he stopped the school's principal in: "You can not knee." The headteacher also opposed the parents and promised that the school would take measures against Ms. N. However, after the event has not been properly resolved, leave the office principle due to lack of time.

Being under pressure, N. and her husband fell into their knees before their parents, according to original N., "laughed expression during the conversation". The event also caused the education industry to "forever".

We know, after what happened in N., a psychological decline. However, on the educational side, many have found that there is a & # 39; Get students into the knees while they are learning alone as an anti-learning method.

However, public opinion is even more daring that a & # 39; public opinion again in April 2018 with the punishment of young teachers in Hai Phong. According to Nguyen Thi Minh Huong, the primary school of An Dong in the Duong district, Hai Phong town, the students were punished by brushing the huts and making them drink.

Phuong A. (3rd grade) is punished by students. According to Ms. Huong, in the lesson, Phuong A. spoke and was angry, and told him his companion to erase the board and his / her; taking the student for punishment. Although Huong had finished with the school, millions of parents were released when the penalty was announced. As there are hundreds of thousands of class teachers, safeguarding teachers are also suffering.

Many of the ideas that Huong's teacher can not be named as a teacher again.

Recently, the story gave the sixth rate 213 slaps and went to an emergency hospital. This pain happened at Duy Ninh High School, Quang Ninh, Quang Binh. In class 3 of the 19/11 evening session, friend 6.2 in class 6.2 told her teacher, Nguyen Thi Phuong, Thuy Hoang. Long Japanese friends curses his mother.

Do not investigate real damage, immediately, order the class, after class you have to pull 10 Japanese. Despite your love, his / her director would need to; Class organized to drag you as directed, and dropped out. When they were pulling a half-way, Ms. Shui found her appeared in the passwalk, a friend "slap's sister asked again?". Thuy ordered him to "slap all the time".

You'll slap slap, double the double Japanese. Thuy's "non-thought" penalty, the 11-year-old boy was catching 230 slap and put the last slap to the emergency room.

Many think that not only is the illness on its; pain, harassment, psychological impact that teachers teach for; Students who are violent, violent, illegal with someone else

Penalize "nobody was thinking about"

Trịnh Hoa Bình's geologist, when reading the information about the penalties given by the teacher to the students, told the media that he was in a position; feeling "divide" when the teacher thought no punishment. "creative".

Professor Binh said this is an educational crime, informal.

Professor Binh in the position of old students also stated that there were penal penalties but he did not see any penalties for the children to drink water that washed the board, dragging your friend 10 and the student suffers to 231. Thuy Thuy considers that some of the penalties cause the students to "lose" but is wrong when the penalty is This is often with her students. Depending on the previous information in the old school she often had a & # 39; lets you slap yourself and Duy Ninh's story, Quang Binh, broke this time when he was sent to the media.

According to Mr Binh, the teacher was not sure to stand on his / her; podium and maybe they're thinking about it; The girls also pledged to think they are; preventing students instead of thinking about "enterprise" to make their own bid bid.

For the story of the past pain, Professor Binh said, as a result of disease discharges and now people think it is more pragmatic. Now education is not a noble job that people think it's a job; They only earn a living life and are also under pressure with their own work. Professor Binh, with the education department, said that teachers do not; enjoy the priority policies now, ensure sure water students are cleaned to clear the register, which is unfamiliar with hundreds of students.

Punish the students with the slap:

Pupil behavior for students to slash, or not; Slap against himself as an offense, not in the rule …

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