MotoGP: Lorenzo & better, & # 39; still far from the best wet conditions


Jorge Lorenzo believes he's still in a way to go to; find a wet situation that challenges the opposition of the Sunday MotoGP backdrop in Valencia, but said that his physical condition was better than his first day of free use.

The Majorcan lost a place in C2 after being third, just behind Maverick Viñales, in C1, a situation that was, and felt, did not show its ability to dry.

"Today, I feel better, perhaps because we were increasing the power of poverty today," said Lorenzo. "So this is definitely helping something, I did not really feel that its printouts are getting much worse so that is positive, and that Honestly, I feel very good, very good at the dry conditions.

"I did not expect to experience the situation so promptly, to realize that the route was not quite wet, we did not have enough of us, and # 39; making 1m 31.8 and that's just a half-tenth that I can not go straight to Q2 and the one that gave me out of C1 the one who posed the puffin, Maverick.

"That means there may be 2 other opportunities and I could see a bit more dry and I can develop 3 or 5 decades and fight for their first series, second series, since the last one from the cellphone was half a bit either faster than me.

"At least, in the 13th place, tomorrow, if it clears the position in the first place, it is not very important. It is best to start further on the back of the back but the thing is The water is very important in the water.

"For this moment I was not there, so we can improve something on its bike with better settings on the day so I can hit a bit more and finish the race as high and possible. "

So what was missing from the Ducati wet situation? "Last year's bicycle seems to be better for the water just because it has more mechanical traffic, not just turning on the corners but when it's # 39; silence is the most important thing of the draw, if you've pulled it, it's very easy to make a lap, "he said.

"So the year's bike may be a bit worse on the water. The other businesses have improved slightly and that's why we can not make the difference we made last year.

"And also obviously when you are not injured you will go into the water much more careful than on dry but when you are also injured, you will be even too careful, to That will make the difference. This corner, the other, at the end of the lap is half the second half and it's hard to be as fast as Petrucci and Dovi for example.

"Petrucci has a great deal of benefit when heavy rain is because it's 20kg extra and it can do a lot more. But Dovi is also fast and usually one second slower than that, so I'm sure my cycling is not my proof of the roof at this time for those conditions. "

This weekend is Lorenzo's end with Ducati after two significant seasons before moving to Honda. Ask how this weekend is & # 39; compares with two years ago, when he won during the weekend with Yamaha, the 31-year-old principle, "It's hard to leave your company.

"You have a friend friendship together, we have traveled the last winter to the Caribbean and we will spend a week together and we get very close, it was two years of hard & He can break his friendship, but instead he built more communication together.

"They are very handsome people, very good people, as a friend, I wish them every success but life is going on and now we have another challenge, another project but Indeed, one part of me is tough but it's like that. "

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