Motorcycle sales sell "in rim"


Negrazón and Chaveta can not, the heroes who were killed by Alberto Cognini, changed last year, his friend and the old Pumita series. The same thing happened to thousands of Corobs who, without excessive money in their pockets, were after the purchase of their motorcycle bicycle; they needed for later.

After the start of the year with a great deal, motorcycle bikers closed around the country – a & # 39; including those of Córdoba – clos 2018 for neglect. In terms of the 2017 patterns, single-kilometer units sold 16.8 per cent, with a quarter last year in which the losses were about 50 per cent.

According to data from the Association of Automotive Equipment of the Argentine Republic (Acara), in 2018, 572,693 motorcycles of all kinds and new stores were sold all over the country, 115 miles less than the 688,479 painted in 2017. In Córdoba, the decline was like: of the 59,206 bicycles sold in 2017, it went to 48,658 last year. About 10 thousand units left without an owner.

"Since last year's May, there was a sharp fall in sales. The economy went into an emergency that it did not finish, and gave everything to its contract. We planned to record a year , and the fact is that we ended up well below the 2017 sales, "said Gustavo Bassi, president of the Acara Bicycle Department, to La Voz across the country.

"The behavioral goods are the most expensive cost of the crisis. And the bike is good. The fuel has grown considerably and public transport is still bad, and so the bike should be the best option for this time. But unfortunately, people have gone out of money, and those who have something to fear, "José Franco, head of Isa Franco, one of the more senior buyers in the area in Cordoba.

For 2019, the projections are also negative. The department rooms are estimated that the market can not; including only about 400 units, 30 per cent less than by 2018, and half of the 800,000 sold in 2011 and 2013, the two departmental registration year.

Fault pockets

A motorcycle, for decades, is a means of transport based on the excellence of the sections that are; enjoy it. Cheap, economically and easily maintained, always always; first ambitious carriage of families in the lower regions.

It was used extensively to the decades of & # 39; 60 and in businesswoman neighbors at Cordovan Border. Although it was also carried out by other social divisions, its bicycle still has a huge impact on Argentinian social pyramid base. Indeed, the sharp decline in sales in recent months has been defined by the adverse effects of the current economic crisis on the power of those families.

"The worst easiests in sales are seen in the most important part, which represent about half of the market. The other areas also fell, but did not fall as much as the low bicycles, "explained Lino Stefanuto, president of the Motor Vehicle Managers Chamber (Cafam).

"The minimum and medium level that is accidentally affected, is to be purchased and used by a business activist to work. This demand has been lost buy a lot of power and can not buy a motto boom now, "agrees to Mary De Romedi, a strong Ames leader, and Cordoba Motorcycle Shuttle Chamber.

Area access in this area is monopolyted with a smaller bicycle of cultivation, between 110 and 125 cubic centimeters. In most cases, they are native Chinese, Taiwanese or Indian, with values ​​to the public that are around 25,000 or 30 thousand pesos. In more recognizable signals, the values ​​will reach 50,000 pesos

The medium range offers larger centers, up to 150 or 200 cubic centimeters, including squares. The price range in this section is between 50,000 and 140,000 pesos, depending on the origin and the logo. Finally, there is a special market in the countryside in our country, with values ​​starting at 150,000 pesos and a & # 39; reaching 20,000 dollars.

No money

But not just the fall in power to buy against a motorcycle sale. The strong increase in flat rates set by the Central Bank (BCRA) after the dollar strike in mid-last year, is also the case. damaging the region.

Until the beginning of 2018, the bicycles of motorcyclists manipulated a wide range of funding offers, with credit cards, components and finances or with quota plans. It was long, with a lot of interest, able to move a market that was promised to then breaking historical records.

But in July 2018 everything changed. Advocacy rates increased to 70 per cent, and there was an effective interest in medium and long-term purchases (such as those required for this item) to exceed 120 per cent. The credit was reduced to short plans and with high levels, which had a significant impact on sales.

"The biggest obstacles our area today is trying to revive the high level of interest. We need them to come down sooner & # 39 as far as possible, or it will be very difficult to return this year's sales, "said Bassi, of Acara Motos.

For now, the official program Now 12 and Now 18, with subsidized levels, allow them to survive the licensees. But they make sure it's not enough. "When you go to plans longer, 24 or 36 months, the levels will become unfavorable and the quotes will not fall completely", explains the head of Isa Franco.

"There are men's cards on the edge. They are used to buy the super, and that is why they have their credit marks. When they come to buy a motorcycle, they will find no credit available, "said Mary de Romedi. And in that sense, he noted that 60% of the sales today are made in cash and 40% funded, in direct relationship with just two years ago. "Today, people who buy a motorcycle have a bigger power of power. The employee can not pay more," he laughed.

The licensors have to make sure – to Regardless of being a section connected to the dollar, because most of the new units have a & # 39; coming from abroad – prices did not rise at a depreciation rate.

"Today we are selling at 31 dollars or 32 pesos. If we exceeded 38 or 39 dollars, we would not sell almost anything," said Stefanuto de Cafam. In 2018, public motorcycle prices increased by around 50 per cent, above the general inflation rate.

Even so, a number of exporters say, with some modules that they almost sell at & # 39; cost, as they have to move stock to be able to fulfill the externally commissioned duties at the beginning of last year, when these objectives were certain.

Impact on people's owners and fiscal promotion

In Argentina, most of the motorcycle that came from abroad comes to, and # 39; Most of China, Taiwan, India and Japan. But they do not reach lists to appear in the sale salons. Catching devices will crash down into arms, in boxes, and national factories will be collected and packed. gives some local pieces. In total, there are around 20 "proprietors" on a motorcycle around the country, four of them in the Chondoba area.

But in the last few months, sales fall has a significant impact on the level of activity of those companies. In fact, many companies that block or ignore it; reducing staffing, and others evaluating the closure of their plants. Zanella, for example, could close or significantly reduce her husband's production level Mar del Plata. Honda and Motomel are also going through difficult times, with a barrier and a reduction in working hours for their jobs.

In the middle of this complex setting, in January, the Ministry of Representation of China added the order 81, which promotes the integration of local parts in a motorcycle that was sold in the country . The amount related to a differential between a motorcycle that is introduced to which it is; join forces, totally armed, and incomplete, including five percent of national national, free of charge.

The initiative encourages the development of local metalworking industry providers, and Increasing the production of batteries, handlebars, screens, pedals, crowns, pipers, electric centers, wires, chains, rooms and seats, among other parts of motorcycle.

"The intention is to reach, in a three-year period, an integration rate of between 25 and 30 per cent in the total value of its bicycle, and include the cost of collective work, "he explained to La Guth Lino Stefanuto, of the Motor Vehicle Manufacturer Chamber (Cafam).

To get into the tax profit, local producers need to integrate in the first year five percent of the national national corporate sectors. During the second year, up to seven percent, and in the third year, to nine per cent.

Market with different demand

In the last decade the bike has been involved in the introduction of new market areas in the country. Although most of the application is & # 39; Continuing from the shorter homes, middle-class class families are introduced as a hub for walking.

In addition, many women have joined together as practitioners in recent years, in homes where they are going to " motorcycle as the second car after its car. The habit of the squirrels, being more dynamic and easy to use, is the one chosen by the women.

"In the mid-range, the bike is included as a capital investment, with families willing to pay prices for models of identified indicators, which & # 39; make sure that there is a better value in a new place, "explained Mario de Romedi, Motorcycle Camcorder of Córdoba.

Another philosophy that has also impacted on the market in the last ten years of food delivery services, a already-already-phased sector in the world of motorcyclists, factories in lowland areas.

Department who lives in a pace with the economy

Salaries two wheels. Up to two years ago, motorcycle price was an entry level (110 cc.) Equal to a standard salary in Argentina. After valuation value, that relationship extended to a half salary, with prices ranging to a range of 25,000 to 35,000 pesos. Until the 1990s, there were three equivalent salaries.

Choices The local reductions make sure that the Cordobans are better at their & nbsp; traditional street bike, between 110 and 125 cubic centimeters, and the "enduro" modules. Due to the type of land in our archeology, in Córdoba, in the other countries of the world and in Buenos Aires, they can not stand still.

New and used. In the last few months, the market for a motorcycle developed in conjunction with the sale of new units. Today, the changes are almost identical to the patents, when the relationship between 70 and 30 was historically, leaving the kilometer zero on a motorcycle.

Numbers There are over one thousand motorcyclists around the country. In Cordoba, around 150. There are around twenty associated plants throughout the country, four of which are in Cordoba.

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