Mourinho misses hope by going to # 39; Alexis injured: "We will not talk about Sanchez more"


Manchester United He can not find the football studio in the season and that is why José Mourinho's coach takes into account the development of injured players on the team, although he was sure Victor Lindelof and Alexis Sánchez "we are not talking more".

"The training gives us some answers Chris Smalling, Phil Jones, Anthony Martial and Eric Bailly… of course, Lindelof and Alexis, we do not talk about it"Mourinho said in the Fulham duel in the room.

"We need answers, we are sure to use players that are not as good as their ability, which must be available. Those players with difficulties going on to try the team will help, "he said.

The Ful Devils will meet with Fulham Saturday at noon and at previous game, Mou said "I want to be positive and we thought we're going to win but the situation in the table and sometimes the points is not enough about how generous the team is"

"I know that two days of peace are not easy and Fulham is in the same situation, but they may play in a way that does not ask them so much & # 39; as possible. There is no excuse, "he finished.

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