Movement Family wants to retire their retirement age


At October meeting, she was vote to suspend its constitutional motion to the November meeting. At that time, however, it was intended to support the LSNS and the CIS joint venture, that Mosta-Hid would have a free hand in vote, but they criticized the application from the beginning. "We have been consistent for half a year, we still believe that such a parameter does not apply to the SR Constitution," former chairman Mosta-Hid Ivan Švejn said at his conference. MEP We are Krištúfková's family just saying that the EPB would be age-off for 64 years.

SaS's challenge continues to challenge her & # 39; this proposal. "Our situation is clear, we are opposing the foundation of the SR," Liberal Liberal Richard Sulik added. It also indicated that Smer-SD was the ones who were solving the age of their age; retirement. OBEAN's move is on its own proposal to erase a change of retirement age. The move continues to show that people can go to; decide on a free trial that they will resign their office shortly after the 40th anniversary of their decision. work. It is not expected to support the & # 39; constitutional proposal for Smer-SD. "The fundamental difference between our other option and the Smer-SD proposal, on our recommendation, is not the military for public money," said Igor Matovič, the leader of Obyčajných. At the same time, after Krištúfková was told, he found out that there is a probationary situation, as Smer-SD loses any vote of a non-married member; move to constitutional motion.

For the Smer-SD and OLE proposals, the Budgetary Accountability Board (HRC) has come to its conclusion that its & # 39; The Ombudsman praises long-term public financial sustainability. However, they see particular risks. According to the RRD, the OREA proposal would have an impact on economic growth, which could be weaker by 0.5% of GDP as a result of generating people's earnings; Missing out of their workforce in advance. At least 0.1% of GDP would have higher higher retirement costs.

Depending on the RRR, the negative side side would result in a change in retiring method. "OLE's recommendation would have a very low impact on long-term public financial sustainability compared to retirement age," RRZ chairman Ivan Šramko added. Budget advice will also see a political risk for the future in the design of movement. Politicians may wish to build up with low pensions despite being low due to the long-term unemployment. "The proposed change may be related to a more marked change in behavior when they decide on retirement age," Šramko added.

With the recommendation of Smer-SD, the Budget Council again said it is very expensive for the future. "Introducing its extremity impedes a long-term stability, which needs to be sold," said Šramko. According to the Board, the adverse effects on the general government balance will be; representing 1.6% of domestic output (GDP) in 50 years. Debt increased by up to 80.2% of GDP, an increase of EUR 138 billion. The sustainability of long-term public finance would also fall down with one percent of GDP. "There is still a long-standing stable position for Slovakia. We need steps at 1.1% of GDP and sustainable structural funding of public funds over the next ten years," said Šramko. Slowly, contributions to the Social Insurance Company had to increase.

According to the survey, retirees are retired after 40 years of age; work

OPEN's challenging shift is to ensure that people after 40 years of age; make a decision when they want to retire. If a volunteer has a choice between his & # 39; praise and recommendation of the Leader, they liked the OĽaNO proposal. This is the result of a study by Focus. This was announced in a press release.

According to the survey, more than 58% of the population have retired after 40 years, while 24% of Slovakia prefers 24-year pensions. age. The others would not choose one of the options, or did not; they can make a decision. On Wednesday, OĽANO held a professional conference on pensions with the involvement of experts, employers, trade union representatives and representatives of political parties.

At a conference, representatives from the political parties OĽaNO, SaS, Most-Híd and Spolu commented that they were opposed to a & # 39; overlap pensions. Only a representative from the Petra Krištúfková Family said their move would support Robert Fico's recommendation to pay parliaments. "The only sentence that came from the Teullach mouth Glossary Petra Krištúfková:" Flip it! "I'm sorry that we can not verify the Family Movement with technical arguments to support your recommendation Guidelines that make worse than our families, children and grandparents. All members of the family at Sme Family and KSLT count electors, there is only one vote left within retirement pensions " President OĽaNO Igor Matovič said.

As stated in the press release, there will be a significant increase in the detrimental effects on future public money. The proposal for the OLYMPIC movement, depending on the people after 40 years of their work, will decide when they want to resign their position, according to the Advice of Budgetary Answers, it is much more less affecting public finances than one of the Government Guidelines wishing to retire at 64 years.

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