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In Turkey, Gasoline and diesel prices, with a decision to collect Mediterranean Sea; market
There is unusual movement. Gas price, priced at $ 586 at the same time, t
It jumped for $ 610. In the last 1 month, gasoline prices rose to 85 dollars.
This means a new visit to the domestic market

A real gas shift in gasoline prices

In Turkey, proven fuel prices, and a & 39; Brent Mediterranean oil markets
a change in freight prices (diesel and gasoline) and dry dollar movements
in front of. A remarkable phenomenon in the gasoline of the Mediterranean market
stand out.

Tons of gasoline price, the international markets of up to 24 dollars.
It jumped from $ 586 to $ 610. The increase was 4 per cent. Tons of gasoline in the last 1 month
The price increase was £ 5.

Why did the gasoline prices go up? Experts, supply request
in line with the increase in demand
it may have been awake.

Experts say gasoline is exported from Europe to the USA and some other countries
"The increase in this demand could perhaps lead to this development," he said.

But why not this increase for Turkey? If gasoline is a week in the week
This price can be seen in pump prices.

The increase in current values ​​is 11 cent per liter. Fuel oil as well known
The tours will be held overnight linking the day to Tuesday. Brent until Monday
Consideration is given to oil, products and developments in the dollars in prices.

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