Moving telephony market in Mali: Sotelma-Malitel at 4G time with a very high speed!


To allow users to travel faster and cheaper, the mobile phone operator in Mali, Sotelma-Malitel, went on yesterday on Tuesday, November 27 at the Laico de l & # 39; Amitié, when the network was 4m generate standards for mobile telephony, which offer a very high quality.

It is only 10:18 minutes that the officers have entered the room, carefully decorated in the colors of Malitel's company. In addition, the Minister for Digital and Communications Economics, Arouna Modibo Toure, and Chief Executive of First Minister's Staff, Zamilatou Cissé, President of Mali's Parent Council, Mahamadou Sinsy Coulibaly, an ambassador from the Kingdom of Morocco to Mali, Hassan Naciri as well as Abdel Aziz Biddine, General Director of Sotelma-Malitel.

The 4G launch event was celebrated by four major events.

A & # 39; The first most important was the reception address of CEO Sotelma-Malitel, Abdel Aziz Biddine.

"Today we today identify and highlight the excellence and hard work that Malitel's staff sends each day to the service best for all our users. This is the official exhibition of 4G on the Malitel network, "said the CEO. Biddine to set the event in his true context.

Before getting to the heart of his case, Mr Biddine thought he had to remember some important points in his history; his societies. To this end, he emphasized his strong business, the creation of Sotelma in 1984, and was privatized in 2009 and his & her; receive 51% of the capital with its & # 39; & # 39; Maroc Telecom Group & # 39; and launched 3G Malitel in 2012. "A new date is now coming to make this rich list a crown. The date is Tuesday 27 November 2018 is now the date Malitel launched the 4G, "he said.

Accordingly, 4G's announcement comes from the Malitel strategy across the globe to improve its services as well as its customers' needs. However, it appears, well before allowing for 4G to work less than a month ago, the Malitel Company had begun to do this already.

4G, what's it?

The second most important of this service is an exhibition of the general features of the 4G network and in particular and the benefit of Malitel.

In about thirty minutes, the marketing manager Sotelma-Malitel, Moustapha El Outti, hosted the public through the exhibition.

Accordingly, 4G is only 4m a generation of standards for mobile telephony, and making it possible to use very high speed. To hear this language for the public (typically made by laws of this habitat), he was willing to describe the significance of this concept of 1century generated to go together with 2m and 3m until here 4m generation. However, it has not been discovered that some developed countries are trying to try the 5mgeneration.

To send the cursor to the special features of 4G Malitel, it has expressed much, among other things, to cover the size (it covers several areas of Mali), which does not have to be 3G . "4G implementation of compatible 4G compatible 4G devices has been done automatically," he said, saying that this 4G Malitel can be up to 76.5 Gbps. Following this, the theoretical exhibition, Malitel's marketing manager, has heard public places and videos on 4G Malitel.

Minister Toure tells of reducing the cost of communication in Mali since 2019!

Prior to the acquisition of cartridges of the cartridges on the 4G Malitel logo, the Minister was sentenced to Digital Economy and Communication to deliver his message.

As a professional profession, the Minister of Tourism has no moment of translating. "Since 1999, the Mali Republic Government has taken on major improvements to make the telecommunications department more profitable, fairer and attractive," he said, saying that the government has been in & # 39; include quality measurement in the designations for 4G.

According to that, it depends on its principle of discrimination between different staff and his department wanted everyone to have 4G for competitiveness and profitability. By submitting this 4G, he says, a & # 39; This vision of the telecommunications department has a significant impact on achieving profitability, quality, reliability, on one hand, and on the other hand to make its cost accessible. services offered to users.

In addition, the Minister of Tourism was given the right opportunity to make appropriate comments. It is about the high cost of the phone and the quality of the service. "The first signature was not required by broadband economic businesses. In the hands of the activists, the state is accepting it," he said.

In order to make the necessary corrections, it says that the government has decided through its department to include the views on the country's rural broadcasting and the quality of the service. "The President's and Prime Minister and Prime Minister wishes to reduce the digital divide in Mali," he said. To respond to those who found that Mali is the cheapest one in mobile telephony, he says that the year 2019 will be marked by the quality of services and a reduction in telephone communications costs.

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