Mowali: The platform that impacts on mobile currency interaction


The Orange group and the MTN group announce the creation of a joint venture called Mowali. It provides the interactive potential of payments across the continent. Indeed, Mowali will transfer any movement of property between currency cash accounts, in real time and at a lower cost, regardless of the operator. "By integrating fully across platforms, Mowali is a major step forward in enabling mobile currency to become a general pay carrier in Africa. Increasing inclusion financially by using digital technologies is an essential element for the economic development of Africa, especially for the most remote communities. This solution sets Orange's ambition to become the leading player in the format digital in the continent. By participating with MTN, another leader in the African market, we accelerate this speed of transformation to change the lives of our people. -customers by providing simple, safer and more efficient services " Stéphane Richard, Director of Oraind in statement, said we saw our edition.

It's a platform in Mowali that's a connectors of financial service providers and customers within one network. He works as a service company, open to the provider of any money that travels money, in Africa, including banks, over cash and other financial service providers. Mowali's aim is to increase the use of mobile currency services for consumers and buyers. Mowali allows free flow of cash flow between bills, regardless of country and operator.

"One of the objectives of MTN is a faster break on mobile financial services in Africa, and Mowali has one way to achieve. At the same time, collaboration and partnerships of this kind are essential when trying to accelerate the development and recovery of some of the challenges of today's society in terms of size, breadth and complexity. However, this partnership with Orange is an important step in securing our major role in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals to eliminate deprivation and strengthen socio-economic development in the markets in which we work. This is how we will allow users the wonderful digital world of the day tomorrow. " Rob Shuter, Director of MTN Group, said.

Mowali benefits from MTN's and Orange & Mobile Money customer stores – over 100 million account of 22 of the 46 markets in sub-Saharan Africa. Mowali is expected to be able to interact outside of the MTN and Orange markets to benefit 338 million mobile cash users in Africa. Interactive driving and innovation in the mobile financial services system system across the continent.

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