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Mozilla is going to go in one way to Google with her & # 39; her Chrome browser. Earlier this week she was officially named publishing the Fission project, which aims to reinstate and reinforce Firefox's web browser architecture.

Annual secretary provisions have been passed before the official statement. The meaning of everything is "one site", which works like that Site content from individual areas will be a separate process in individual processesSouth Westerly

Encouraged by Chrome

The concept itself is not new in the world of browsers. Google Chrome has the same activity smaller or smaller since the last May. In July, 99% of Google browser users reached cover.

Special pages in Chrome designed as a security tool. Although it is not the original reason, he has been involved in a & # 39; Reduce the effects of Meltdown and Specter security holes in Intel editors.

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Special pages in Chrome

Although Mozilla has released its favorite Meltdown and Specter arrangements for Firefox, Google has been identified as an excellent proactive error method as it can prevent the misuse of a serious bad business in the future and many other security issues.

Developer Mozilla Nika Layzell said Work started on a single device similar to the last yearThe Deputy In the report, the developers wrote: "In the coming weeks and weeks, we need help from all Firefox teams to design our code by browser architecture."

One code, one process

At this time, Firefox will use one user interface and several other processes (two to ten) for its & # 39; code that makes web pages. In the future, it aims to which sets out each website that the user receives in the individual processSouth Westerly

Copying a code into processes will be as saddened if the frame is done in a frame (iframe), it will have its own process. This will help to protect users from their threats; hiding a malignant code within these elements.

So far, there is no official date for the Fission project to get the stall or at least an Firefox test. Nika Layzell hopes that developers will start first preparatory phase to the end of FebruarySouth Westerly

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