Mr Nguyen Thanh Hoa said it was not true


On 21 November, Mr Phan Van Vinh (who was a Lieutenant General, who was Chief Executive of the General Department of Police – Ministry of Public Security) and 91 other defendants held a case protect the person. Nguyen Thanh Hoa, the former head of staff, director of crime crime prevention department (C50) department, general policing department.

Mr Nguyen Van Duong and Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hoa talk together in court - Picture 1.

There were two defenders Nguyen Thanh Hoa (longer) and Nguyen Van Duong (formerly) to come into court

In the morning on November 21, Mr Hoa had a black coat, a white shirt, a few times tired at a time of questioning. Due to poor health, the chair allowed him to sit to answer questions.

The Chairman asked Mr Hoa to change the certificate yesterday, and he replied he was still held yesterday (November 20), unchanged.

HĐXX named the defendant Nguyen Van Duong, who was chairman of the CNC Board, was ahead of saying he would oppose. "Hoa's statement at the lawsuit, the person has not been found to defend it true." Panel Panel: Not at a point?

Nguyen Van Duong's head and Nguyen Thanh Hoa talk together in court - Picture 2.

The defendant Nguyen Van Duong was brought to court

After introducing this gambling line, Mr Hoa and many directors had to do business. At that time, Mr Hoa said that only 30 employees should only have a professional protection unit. "I was very sorry, yesterday (November 20), he declines all our achievements at our company, and there are locks from inspectors, lawyers too. The clear evidence, "said Yang defender

Duong said that his company is still young, with a limited technology in 2012, but still continues. Try to report the topics in many places and describe Mr Hoa in a high degree. In 2013, there are conferences that inform leaders that have been incorporated into the CNC's position of the company under the Ministry of Public Security. "But Mr Hoa said yesterday that I was so pleasing as the Office of the Ministry of Security of Public Affairs, I feel very tough," he opposed the deep voice of Yang.

According to Mr Duong, the most important thing after this is to report it to a cooperative memorandum. Having remembered the cooperative agreement, Mr Hoa has authorized CNN to cooperate. "This authorization agreement speaks on its share of the Department's capital that can be exchanged with external units," answered Yang by & # 39; analyzed the report and said that the Panel would hear the person's defense as a normal business, although all actions had CNC's guidance on Mr Hoa.

In this regard, Mr Hoa said, "Duong said I do not agree." On legal matters, I and Duong have no memorandum, there is no other link text. "

Holding & # 39; On the Rikvip licensing, Yang's defense at the time said that his license opinion was very limited to online games that were not licensed. When it was issued, the license was not granted, but the defendant Duong had made procedures to apply for permission and advised the defendant to obtain permission. "Anh Hoa has set out licensing games, we must get permission before this is allowed.

Continue to ask the guardian Hoa, HQXX asked: "In the process, working a game, the Yang dealer has told him money, did the defendant get any money?" Mr Hoa replied, "We did not get any money from Mr Duong, Duong gave us nothing." Duong said to counter collectors and anti-virus software, I mentioned the high level and asked me to kill the software. This virus. "

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