Mr Nguyen Thanh Hoa should not be poured into hot chill to be correct


When you are told several times that the CNC is a gambling group and asked to determine the second floor, Nguyen Thanh Hoa said he was tough and he said: "You know what is in praise , CNC does not break, stop.

On the afternoon of November 20, the Phu Tho Court of Justice court followed the question of Mr Nguyen Thanh Hoa (who was the leader of a high tech crime prevention barrier – C50) due to the Nguyen Van Duong Phat company Online gambling games online.

Mr Nguyen Thanh Hoa at his first test

Nguyen Thanh Hoa named after the C50 had agreed to establish a professional company, he and his agreement disagreed his business cooperative memorandum with the Nguyen Van CNC company. How.

However, Mr Hoa said that the memorandum signed on 10/10/2011 is not valid, C50 can be implemented or not implemented as a result of unexpected obesity. Mr Hoa does not recognize CNC as a professional C50 company.

Responding to a question from the episode: "Having a memorandum by CNC, what is the responsibility of the CNC from 2011 to 2015?" He said: "We are not responsible for the CNC company from 2011 to 2015".

However, the procuratorate is on the 1090 / C50-P1 Official Letter dated 07/8/2012 to propose the proposal to the office of Ho Thi No. 10 for professional work. The content of the document is as follows: "C50 has an understanding memorandum on business collaboration with a high tech technology security reserve investment (CNC) company and is used to create professional 4" Next Post This evidence shows that Nguyen Thanh Hoa is still in a position; Supporting and supporting CNC company.

Follow the VKS to ask: "Did the accused heard of the sub-workers that show that CNC is running their game, they must stop it ? "

"Staff only report to a CNC company related to a VTC online gaming company that discovered illegal articles, I mentioned Mr Phan Van Vinh.

In terms of this content, the Panel has published the Nguyen Huy Luc (staff under Nguyen Thanh Hoa).

According to Lu, he said: "I met Mr Hoa directly at the office and inspected the company's CNC play game, asking Mr Hoa to stop the Rikvip game. he said CNC companies were not gambling games, without breaking the law and not having a stop. Then, I met it three times, it's an extra study. The CNC was a gambling group, which was proposed to stop Rikvip's postcard but he did not agree. I have also expressed Mr Hoa: "You know what the appeal is so big ".

Similarly, the Panel continues to nominate Mr Hoang Xuan Phong (Head of Section 2, staff under Mr Hoa). By the end of 2015, Mr Nguyen Xuan Trong, an interpreter barrier (Room 2) told me that the Rikvip was a CNC company. This game is not licensed by the MIC. After the reports I have sent from my subscribers, I have reported to Mr Nguyen Thanh Hoa that CNC is just running a & # 39; a game for assigning a gaming and a recommendation of the Bureau 2 to & # 39; process is determined by law. the law. Nguyen Thanh Hoa agrees with the reason why CNC Rikvip is not lawsuit and will report to the department's leaders and the heads of the CNC Ministry to determine actions for their work. professional ".

So room 2 can not be kept possible. In September 2016, Mr Pao continued to find that his CNC company changed its name Rikvip game to the Tip.Club game, the complexity, reporting directly to Nguyen Thanh Hoa with the content above, but Nguyen Thanh Hoa is still not proven.

Nguyen Van Duong defender statement – CNC also said: "At the time of the Rikvip / game, I asked again that he would break the law, but he said you did not breach of law ".

After listening to the Panel on the statements above, Nguyen Thanh Hoa noted: "Those who have found the crime must report in writing, not oral reports," and so he did not think It must be reported.

At the trial, Mr Hoa revealed the arrested time, and his health was very weak, and was in a "hard" environment: "The cleaning center was tight, the facilities were not enough, no a month in the camp. I'm insomnia, the one I'm going to do, a mistake, near the court's date, just going to hospital. As a result, my testimonial is not which was recorded at the survey body to ensure that it is correct even though it was not subject to the prosecution of crime, grief, "he said.

This is also the reason why Mr Hoa was asking his Panel to review his previous documents.

Mr Hoa's certificate is not equivalent to the certification of his / her investigation group, the provocation and the panel warned him that he is trusted to be considered an emergency situation.


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