Mr Quang Hieu, Bao Anh loved her back from the beginning through these special details


Wednesday, 21 November 18 08:40 AM (GMT + 7)

Ho Quang Hieu, Bao Anh travels between sound or windy?

Rewards of Ho Quang Hieu, Bao Anh coming together through this unique information - 1

Photo Ho Quang Hieu (left) and Bao Anh (right) will split each other apart but will be taken in one place

Recently, Ho Quang Hieu gave a series of travel travels and took notice of exactly where he was going to join the place to divide Bao Anh a few days ago.

Bao Anh sent this story up to Story Instagram and so after 24 hours, but webmasters are still caught. At the same time, Ho Quang Hieu also locked a personal Facebook but the image is stored on the Instgram.

Factions about Ho Quang Hieu, Bao Anh coming together through this unique information - 2

Many sensible fans have found out what impact the two have been to recycle

Immediately, the followers left comments under the pictures, which questioned the two people; travel together. Again, it is said that Ho Quang Hieu and Bao Anh have re-come back after breaking up.

Before this, Bao Anh's management does not respond to the treaty above. At the same time, Ho Quang Hieu just appeared, his photo is in the Suoi Mo tourism area. It came here only and the lines were uploaded.

Rewards about Ho Quang Hieu, Bao Anh coming together through this unique information - 3

Mr Quang Hieu and Mr Bao Anh met each other in the party with many famous artists

In more than one year of breaking up, her couple always question the reconfiguration. In the beginning of November, the pictures of Bao Anh and Ho Quang Hieu scenes were recorded in a party with Vietnamese artists shared by users.

Shortly after that, Ho Quang Hieu refused to recycle his voice "You're not easy to make it easy". He said, after being broken up both, you should sit side by side quite completely.

Evidence of Ho Quang Hieu, Bao Anh will come together through this unique information - 4

Ho Quang Hieu raised the campaign to invite Bao Anh to the Truong Giang wedding

Earlier at the Truong Giang wedding, Ho Quang Hieu also found that Bao Anh were invited to attend two close colleagues. "Before I go to the Truong Giang wedding, Nha Phuong, I have sent Bao Anh that I do not play with anyone in the world.

I need to contact Bao Anh: "Today, I'm going to the Changjiang wedding? If I go, I'll go with you OK? Go to help, but I do not You know where to talk to you. After that, Bao Anh agreed and we went to Giang's wedding, "he said.

A description of Ho Quang Hieu, Bao Anh will be Combining this unique information - 6

Quang Hieu shows that he is very hard to love

When asked about a wedding expectation, Mr. Quang Hieu shared with him: "I am really passionate about marriage, but most importantly I should meet people who make me happy, understand and like, and # 39; share affection, joy in life.

At my age, it's a feeling that it is hard for my love to be difficult because I have experienced many levels of emotions. So, it's very difficult to love her & # 39; warmth and blood fire. I feel sick.

You can change your settings at any time. I can not sit here waiting for everything to come to us. Leamsa, everything is the same, beginning with the word "coast". So when they come, I can not be blamed.

Hồ Hiếu spoke about

Mr Ho Hieu expressed his opinion on the civilization of the subsidiary in a very humorous day.

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