Mr Tanigaki dismissed him from a serious "special speech" LDP – Mainichi Shimbun contract

Mr Tanigaki retired from LDP Mainichi Shimbun, "Special Decrease"

The Democratic Liberal Party, the leader of Sadakazu Sagawaki, who left politics after damaging a cervical backbone in a bicycle crash; Following "special speech" at the party conference on October 10. Mr Tanigaki, who took a wheelchair, visited Tokyo's Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020 and said, "I feel that everybody has the problems Different when they get a disability. The pair, an athlete, will influence each case and challenge the competition. I want to see, who will give me confidence, "he said, and he sent expresses its expectation to be impedimented by a & # 39; competition. Mr Tanigaki was involved in an accident in July 2016, who was secretary, who retired from the political world without running for the 17th anniversary in the lower house election. I visited the official place of my First Minister in October last year and I appeared in the public place after the accident. In his speech, "I want to make my excuse because I can not do my job suddenly because of my lack, first to disturb his party." For that reason, "I'm really urging the First Minister of First Minister to win Shinzo Abe (Prime Minister Shinzo) to choose a united regional election and a high-level election, which calls for politics," he said. Following the speech, Mr Tanigaki's prime minister said for his ideas, saying, "In our challenging party, we had the leadership of the Tanigaki President at that time and we could come together and Continuing to the revival of power. "[TetsuyaKageyama】【Artigraphy-related】·ImaginationofCompetitionCompetition】·[TetsuyaKageyama】【Artaigileanco-cheangailte】·Ìomhaigheandecho-fharpaisLDPlebeothalachd】·· Prime Ministerialism-Regular "Integrity" Regular Distribution Optimization & Remote Controller

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