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The Main Audit Audit stated that Mr Tat Cang was very seriously ill;

Ho Chi Minh City Chair Chairman of People's Council Nguyen Thi Quynh Tam explained to voters about the controlling process of Mr Tat Thanh Cang's Party.

Add Cang To Cang to Central & # 39;

Thu Thiem people in particular asked the government to have the blackmail & # 39;

Thu Thiem can not be sorted out more & # 39;

Earlier November 15, the Central Research Commission reported a Crime Secretary Deputy Secretary of the Tat Thanh Cang Party, Ho Chi Minh City, saying that he was "severely damaged".

On 21 November, the former secretary of the HCM City People, Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam was headed by the National Assembly and representatives from HCM City Council to meet the 9th constituents in the area.

At this time, voters asked about Mr Tat Thanh Cang's breach.

Nguyen Thi Quynh Tam said: "The Standing Committee of the Party is committed to the meeting on Sunday, November 18, to review Mr Tat Thanh Cang and to decide that it is necessary to implement the control . "

She found that the HCM City Party Committee's Sustainable Committee met a review meeting following the decision of the Central Research Commission to determine that Mr Tat Thanh Cang was wrong.

She explained to the voters about the Communist Party control process, where the Standing Party Committee meeting had just considered the unit.

According to their process, Mr Cang will continue to & # 39; Review by the Township Party Action Committee.

After that, the Government's Government meeting will meet Mr Cang's sanctioning hearing.

The results will be submitted to the Central Commission for Audit, Politburo.

The Politburo is the place where Cang's decision is to be handled.

"Mr Tat Thanh Cang's review process has been very hard, members of the Sustainable Committee have expressed their views on the basis of the donations in addition to the breach of the decision that there are benefits -partners, What's wrong, she said.

On the afternoon of November 15, published its Main Inspection Audit & # 39; decided that the Secretary-General of the Ho Chi Minh City Tat Tatty Party Committee had "seriously detrimental" in many cases.

"Mr Thanh Thanh Cang's breach has been very difficult and they have a great deal of trouble in society, and thus affect the reputation of the Party Committee, so that it needs to be evaluated and implemented. "

Mr Cang was mistakenly identified both during his position as Director of the HCMC Transport Department.

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Mr Cẩm Thành is believed to be involved in many crimes in the Thu Thiem urban area

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