Mr Thang asked when Phan Ngoc asked Luong to sleep with him


Phan Ngoc Luan said while he was in a while; staying at Mr Dam's rehearsal, he was uncommon & # 39; played by Vietnam & Queen music.

On the afternoon of 21/11, he considered public opinion when Phan Ngoc decided his close relationship with Dam Vinh Hung. He told Voice 2012, he was very enthusiastic for Mr Dam. Make the same use every day, while it's & # 39; sleep at home and so his feelings for King Victoria's music & to grow. "I usually wanted to think it was a strong feeling, trying to be treated as usual, but with the time I fell asleep, that feeling was regrettable, unhappy. Here, just talk about it, "confess Phan Ngoc. Duong Trieu Vu is the third person & # 39; including her teacher-teacher relationship and Mr Dam.

Before the students hit, Dam Vinh Hung did not have a priority. On his personal page, he suggested that Phan Ngoc Luan tried to scratch himself with the intention of attracting public attention to the forthcoming product. He also shared messages translated between him and Phan Ngoc Luan, in which students requested permission to name & # 39; PR for the product, but they did not tell anything. Mr Dam said that pupils were foolish & and superficial & to listen to the encouragement of others to visualize bad & to create.

Phan Ngoc Luan is delighted to announce the story of the bed for regrettable feelings by Mr Dam.

Dam Vinh Hung congratulates Phan Ngoc Luan (left) pupil "New Day" on 8/2016.

"Phan Ngoc Luan, you are still a student, this can not be changed. For many years he has been proud of his teaching style for the children. When he saw any news about his success or won a game He was a gentleman. But today a child was broken there. He must teach, "Mr Dam said hard.

The Vietnam king was also sending her & # 39; blameless pupils not thinking about when the story about & # 39; sleep in bed The singer who knew Phan Ngoc Luan was not known by drugs & # 39; not blind & # 39; by believing in his famous screen. He accepted the forgiveness and told his students: "It is the result that you have the same responsibility. If people Other, there's no kind of friendship like this, I know Vinh Hung. It's just how you're behaving, being clear or continuing with your choice, I'll forgive you If you check out the truth as you say. Let people have the chance to correct Luan.

Share more with, Mr Dam said, he is angry or angry that Phan Ngoc Lu can not change anything. However, from now on, he will not be involved with this student again.

The singer also said that Yang Zhao Wu was the third person who opposed him and Mr Dam.

Phan Ngoc Luan also said that Duong Trieu Vu was the third person. including attachment to Mr Dam.

In the story about Phan Ngoc Luan, it is said that Duong Trieu Vu is the third person; in connection between Phan Ngoc Luan and Mr Dam. Voices Belly Correction to be dragged into a crack. Phan Ngoc has a sad feeling when he can not make a difference between the most famous and terrible: "You are a real person, so you do not like yourself. I was so Sorry I put myself in such a situation and I sold my brother's honor once I wanted, the good captain, who helped me a lot. I do not think you should let They talk or work … because he understands what Hung is, and indeed his evidence is that he wants to create a scandal for you and Mr Hung. "

Phan Ngoc Luong has been singing for many years but is unlucky and there is no music output. Born in 1988, he has reached the top 16 Sao Mai points for 2010. In 2012 he went to An Voice and the Vinh Hung Dam team. Although he is not so happy with the audience and an increase, Phan Ngoc Luan is still directed by Mr Dam, sung in many places. Recently, Ngoc Luan paid attention to the story of female giants who paid for their products.

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