Mr Trump was angry that the United States Number 1 car manufacturer made tens of thousands of staff


GM stated about the cuts that Mr Trump sent to anger and threatened MG's political threat. (Source: General Decisions)

GM stated about the cuts that Mr Trump sent to anger and threatened MG's political threat. (Source: General Decisions)

Explanation of & # 39; General Motors (GM) said that it was due to the incidence of cutting a cut of free modules and cutting its American staff because he did not like his market. with traditional gasoline vehicles. Therefore, MG is preparing to convert its investments to informal electric vehicles and taxis.

The biggest restructuring since a company's 30-year-old company breach has been identified as a turning point for North American vehicle business.

GM said the US President, Donald Trump, was directly at risk and threatening MG with many political threats.

So Mr Trump asked GM to make a new car in Ohio. In addition, he talked to the GM Chief of Mary Barra that he was not satisfied with his / her; Cutting decision at a Bottle in Ohio. Ohio is an important state in the Trump President's campaign.

"I'm absolutely believed in the future, MG will launch a new series," said Trump, who has been in a position. trying to create more jobs for factory workers for nearly two years. South Westerly

In addition, GM and its competitors will spend a lot of money for shift technology, and & # 39; dealing with risks when the US trade policies are consolidated and investments are willing to keep money from traditional materials. air line.

"The business is changing rapidly. These are the things we are trying to do to improve our business," said Barra at a news conference.

Shortly after the decision to be announced, the GM department rose 7.8% to $ 37.97 in an afternoon trade.

"We are trying to find out what capacity is there to meet market demand," said Barra.

GM is also planning to & # 39; cutting total capital expenditure, even if he says he will double his investment in electric cars and drownings in the next two years.

The cost of GM providers and other equipment components has increased when the demand for normal sedans has decreased. GM reported that the rate of tax introduced by Trump administration earlier this year on China had spent a cost of $ 1 billion.

Although Barra does not connect to factory cuts and her; removing employees with tight pressure, it also says that the cost of trading is one of GM's factors when it comes to changing technology and getting involved. Larger range.

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