Mr Yunlin's third turn of parliamentary bankruptcy, Wang Xing, escapes to see the applicant's insurance. 9-ann-1 election campaign Today's NOWnews News


The third third party party bride by Mr Yun Lin
▲ The voters involved in filing bubbles and returned automatically to the total income of offenses of 4,500 yuan. (Photograph / photo Su Rongquan reporter, 2011.1.21)

The Yunlin District Audit Office investigated the bankruptcy of the Cai women's cash spokesperson in the third constituency of Yunlin County. Patient agreement, Wu Wencheng, Shen Yuzhi, Li Yuying the monitoring station, Central Mobile Center, and Huwei Branch, and Yunlin County District Trout (Huwei Town, Tuuku Town, Qizhong Township, Yuanchang Town) Cai Cai's wife's silver brewing case on the House of Representatives, on November 20, sent out the scrutiny to her, and # 39; Guides more than 20 police officers four times. Living in Cai, Wang's main enterprise and residence office, workplace and other buildings, and invited relevant witnesses to be able to; counting more than 10 people. After the question, Wang's casualties suspected that he was blocking the selection of public officers and removal method. The crime is against bribery crime, and it is requested that the court be held in custody.

Huang Yihua, who was the leader of the Yunlin District Inspection Department, said the applicants had Cai's candidates and Cai's advocate to block the bankruptcy of public officials and his / her. removing the law. There was a suspicion that the crime was heavy, but they did not have to be kept. The same below) 300,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan to pay the warrant. Following the arrival of the voters involved in the case, they introduced them to accept bubbles and paid in full the full benefits of offenses that were 4,500 yuan.

Huang Yihua, chairman's convener, said that the Wang Xing cas was to he asks for being a candidate for a member from Cai's name and that he could be elected to Yunlin County Council. From November 12th, he gave the opportunity to vote for Huwei Town with a ticket of 500 yuan. The voters offered brides for the purchase of tickets. After the procurator has to correct the correct position, He asked the police to carry out an investigation on the 20th of the same year, and the candidate for Cai's patronymon, the candidate for Cai surname, called the name of Wang's patronymic, and the votes that received the script. The witnesses came relevant to the case. After the voters reached their case, they had allowed to leave Wang 1 a casket ticket and 500 yuan. The date was equal to the date of voting on 24 November this year, and had voted for Cai's candidate and suddenly returned to the full benefits of crime. A total of 4,500 yuan.

Huang Yihua, the lead prosecutor, said that Wang was involved in an investigation, and the gap was broken up the voting book that was handled. After examining the procurator, it was considered that he was in a position; bankruptcy of article 99 of Public Official Gazette. One of the bribery crimes that the crime is expected to be heavy, and there are lines of witnesses, the missing evidence, and is asked to be sent; court was arrested.

In addition, Cai's advocate and Cai candidate suspected the suspicion of bribing the election of public officials and his / her. removing the law. There was a suspicion that the crime was heavy, but it was not necessary to hold. They knew they would pay 300,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan to deliver their case. The procurator fiscal now expands the inquiry.

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