MTN to reach 4G large milestone by Vodacom


MTN African Africa leader Godfrey Motsa announced that the mobile user reaches 90% of 4G population broadcast by the end of the year.

Speaking at media information in Johannesburg, Motsa said that when MTN reached this broadcasting number by the end of 2018, over 50 million South Africa will be covered by a 4G network.

He said that MTN is the first man in South Africa to reach his / her; This 4G milestone and that such a 4G MTG network in South Africa has not previously been seen – and has been much faster than the previous technology.

By the end of 2015, the MTN mobile network had a 4G network for 5 million South Africa.

"Trailers will tell you we are only 4G distribution in rich areas, but this is not true for MTN," said Motsa.

He stated that a number of MTN rural sites show how enthusiastic & It is for broadcasting throughout the country and not just in metra.

Network fiber

Motsa emphasized the importance of having a very fibrous backbone to deliver broad coverage in South Africa.

"On our behalf, it's not just a stop with the radio access network, we also need a strong thread network," he said. MTN There are over 18,000 kilometers of fiber infrastructure in South Africa in South Africa.

"Today's switched network is today in the biggest country after Telkom," said Motsa.

He said that the MTN fiber network is very important for continuous growth, and the operator sees it in support of his radio network.

Infrastructure shared

Motsa also spoke about a new MTN cell phone contract with Cell C, saying that it is about sharing a structure in the # 39; business – to let Cell C a & # 39; Most of the 4G population broadcast is also improved and also benefits MTN.

He noted that Cell C has expanded its 4G broadcast of people from percentages in the 30s to over 80% in a very short time due to its; telephony contract with MTN.

"I want to emphasize the fact that MTN is open to be divided into commercially agreed arrangements," said Motsa.

MTN stated that its competition with other mobile users is a reach 100% coverage is a great driver for a better user experience.

"There is a big battle between ourselves and other mobile operators who reach 100% 4G coverage in South Africa," said Motsa.

He also said yes government WOAN plan unintentionally awarded for a structural competition, mobile data prices may suffer.

"The idea is to open our sales network at our cost of encouraging us from developing our infrastructure," said Motsa.

"We believe that if you block a structural competition, you will be damaging prices. There is a dual-fuel model that meets government goals and business goals."

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