MTN Wardens will be an important prize


R42.9 million was paid by the Head of MTN Group, Rob Shuter, in the financial year which ended in December 31 2018, up from R40.6 million in 2017, and other senior officers also received a good award.

A singer's salary was made up of a basic salary of R15.3 million – up from R11.5 million for 10 months of work in 2017 – and R25.3 million in arrears, R1.6 million in benefits after recruitment and It contains R746 000. other benefits.

The figures were published in the annual report of the MTN Group, published on Wednesday.

The same executive director of MTN, chief finance officer Ralph Mupita, delivered a R22.5 million home, which included a basic salary of R8.2 million and R12.8 million bonuses. Compared with its 2017 total salary of R17.7 million.

Source: MTN Group annual report

But Shuter and Mupita are no longer MTN's but they give good prizes to leaders.

MTN South Africa Professor Godfrey Motsa, for example, was paid R23.5 million in 2018, up from R18.8 million in 2017. This included a basic salary of R6.9 million, two payments A signature signaling a total of R9 million and more bonuses worth R5.7 million.

Source: MTN Group annual report

Jager Schulte-Bockum's chief executive officer gave a total household salary R23.5 million (R13.4 million in bonuses), and R21.3 million (R7.7 million bonuses) were paid to MTN Nigeria Chief Executive Ferdi Moolman.

In 2018 Ebenezer Asante (R24 million) and Ismail Jaroudi (R22.7 million) experienced other MTN employees receiving an additional R20 million home salary.

Stephen van Coller, who stopped a MTN in August 2018, became Head of EOH, JSE's registered technological services group, to pay R6.7 million for an eight-month service. He did not benefit above his basic G5.4 million salary.

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