Mu got a series of "bad news", Mourinho coaches very tough


Mu got a series of "bad news", Mourinho coaches very tough

In the Round of 13 Premier League 2018/2019, MU needs to enforce with Crystal Palace. And Mourinho's coach team includes many problems when many players are injured and constrained.

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Mourinho Band "when Mu got a series of" bad faith "(Picture: Getty)

According to ESPN newspaper, United States's Luke Shaw services will not have the same time when the English defenders have been arrested after receiving the fifth gold in the season. In addition, Paul Pogba, Martial and Romelu Lukaku have a difficult injury due to serious injuries.

In addition, Victor Lindelof was replaced in the middle of his anti-Turkey game in the UEFA League League, due to illness. No Marcus Rashford was injured in a 2-1 victory over England over Croatia. Even Fellaini seems to have been recorded on Crystal Palace's shade when it also suffers a slight wound.

A series of injured players, Mourinho "sits calmly, as it is now an important time for Manchester United if they want to get tickets to the European League the next season.


Concerning Manchester United and PSG, Chelsea bought a "salary" crisis for Kante

The Sun confirmed that Chelsea is negotiating a new contract and a # 39; Kante's salary is £ 290,000 per week, the highest in the middle of London to keep the mid player from PSG and Manchester United. Currently, the French star receives a salary of £ 120,000 per week.

News bar welcome from Coutinho

Today, Coutinho has returned to train after a bad kick and can play the game between Atletico and Barca in the 13th round of La Liga (25/11).


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