MU "hit" 300 million pounds, the US leader stopped buying


Thursday, November 22 1818 16:03 PM (GMT + 7)

The head of Scotland has been trying to get her & # 39; Most visited in the last year. The portions Glazers recorded on the New York Stock Exchange were transferred to £ 300m. And indeed it will have a direct impact on the United movement plan in January.

V Video received the "bitter appetite" by Man City in the 12th round of the English Premier League:

An American leader received a fish report

Do not say bad performance on the playground that affects sales MU. "The Red Devils" is now a dangerous investor in the eyes of investors. The military battle under Jose Mourinho causes American leaders to jump.

Draw Mourinho: MU & # 34; eabhal & # 34; £ 300m, head of USA to ban shopping - 1

The bad performance of the Much affects the stock of this team

At the moment United is registered No No. There is almost no chance to compete for the English Premier League although the season has not exceeded one third of the route. In the European League, they are at risk of being removed early. With that, there are too many problems within MU, and investors are no longer fitter with this team.

According to the Daily Mail, ending on Tuesday's trade on 20 November at New York Stock Trading, MU is spending a £ 300m transfer over the total value of the BLD team This ball is listed. The "Red Devils" section is £ 14.22 per share, instead of £ 15.58 per share as in previous trading sessions. This is the biggest decline since October 2017.

In addition to the decline in stock value, other reports also have a shows that United is in bad financial finances. United salary bills in the first season of the 2018/19 season increased by 10% over the same season as the last season to £ 77m, an increase of £ 7.1m over the same period of time. last year. That means b & # 39; Jose Mourinho's team can cost up to £ 308m, which would be a new milestone in the history of his Premier League.

Bitter for Mourinho

Manchester United £ 300m was cleared, an increase of 10% in a salary bill, while performance in the small area was almost unacceptable. At the same time, the need to employ a new coach Jose Mourinho is very urgent.

Draw Mourinho: MU & # 34; eabhal & # 34; £ 300m, head of USA to ban shopping - 2

Glazer is no longer reinforcing Mourinho coach again

The "special person" expected in January will be " brought back to Old Trafford to three predators, across each line. The Portuguese coach warned if it was not in January, it is possible that MU will stand out of her & # 39; main 4 when the English Premier League closed.

Mourinho coaches the Koning Boudewijnstadion stadium in Belgium – Iceland. Bo had personalized Toby Alderweireld's personal appraisal, Tottenham's £ 75m midfielder back-up. Earlier, "played the unique player in the Serbian game against Montenegro. That day, Mourinho gave a target to both Gacinovic and Milinkovic-Savic

However, as confirmed by the Daily Mail, just from the moment, Jose Mourinho's coach can recall that the expensive goals are being pursued. Poor financial statements gave rise to Glazer breakdown. At the same time, the ability to win the team's title in the battle is almost nonsense. Then American owners need to pay money for Mourinho retail market more.

MU & November accidents: Tan hoang

What if they did not have Pogba, Lukaku, Martial and Rashford?

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