MU-Mourinho needs a fire


Sunday, 11/18/2018 00:56 AM (GMT + 7)

The struggle between Cavani and Neymar is becoming increasingly degraded after Uruguayan-Brazil's friendship. With this situation, both very hard to live together at PSG.

See the situation Cavani Neymar:

The story won the rights Cavani and Neymar Focusing on the time when Brazilian superstar PSG is a? coming ashore. The Arabs are too hard for Neymar to attack the gods.

After winning his case, Neymar also has a lot of time to go to; pushing Cavani from the Park landowner. The fight between the seats has been smoking over the last few years.

Neymar-Cavani breaks the meanings: MU-Mourinho in addition to his & # 39; firepower - 1

Cavani's wild death ball by Neymar

In Naples's drag in the Exposition League, Cavani made a car free of charge in the Neymar penalty. And when he was facing the national team's friendship on Friday night, Cavani continued to say "Neymar".

The Uruguayan striker was extremely angry at his PSG teams. Not only that, Cavani There are very hard reports when the game closed: "In football, there is no relationship. I always do the best to win the team."

Cavani says openly that Neymar has called "war", which makes PSG uncertain, especially when the winter market is in a position; passing. French media said that Cavani was at the highest risk of selling it due to the fact that the team would be able to sell it. gut again

And Uruguayan may have no further conflicts against saline PSG after being treated unfairly with its presence; board. Currently, Cavani has many options to leave and my target is best.

MU We need to replace Lukaku substitute. The Belgian opposition strikes a fall and Mourinho is on his face; hit the berry in the last few games. PSG also wants to work with Manchester United to employ Sanchez, another star at Old Trafford.

Manchester United midfielder 120 million: caught

United can pay hard to welcome the Kylian Mbappe backbone to lock.

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