Much in Aguachica: four young men are killed


Two men moved by a steam-driven motorcycle at a group of young people in the football area in the Paraguay area in Aguachica, south of Cesar, leaving four dead people, including just 15 years old

In the face of the murder that happened on the previous Saturday night, The authorities then opened an amazing security advice in that city, where they contributed up to $ 30 million to provide information for those who were in a position; to find.

Colonel Wilson Pedroza, head of the Police in Cesar, said "two to motorcycle, they went out and they worked hard against those who died on the site."

The people who suffered were identified as Alexander Mejía García, 25; Andrés García Mollano, aged 19; Yefry Sanguino Pedraza, 24 years old; and the age of 15 years old. According to the police, the massacre was after 11pm Saturday in the 48th race with the 8th street north, in the main court of the department in which it was quest, where they reached units of offenders to investigate the bodies.

A brochure was circulated

Hours before many were killed, a leaflet was circulated in Aguachica, apparently from the front, Camilo Torres Restrepo de Eln, who warned about actions and told military aims for drug users, offenders, assault on farms and even members of the public force.

"We are generally looking at the wider community that we are making efforts to lock areas and thus tackle the spread of crime activities in particular, the villages of southern Caesar, because we have found all the offenders found in urban communities (remote and middle neighbors) and rural communities, with which they are committed to being Farming livestock on our towns, those who sell residual substances in educational establishments, drug drugs, criminals, ordinary criminals, thieves, motocsists who will be able to do so; use this office for stealing and robbing, and some people try to get that tax to allow those places to try to get our people into existence from the date, "said the leaflet.

Despite this, Colonel Pedroza maintained that "we believe that this case has nothing to do with that booklet. Not just Aguachica says what is circulated, but that south of Cesar; he did not have a bit like it at Pelaya. "

"We analyze it, but the same way, both the Office of the Center and Judicial Police will work to find out which the relevant and intellectual authors are, that is , who creates and disseminates or creates and created to know the group or that one, "he said.

He said "we can not say that it is false or factual, that is why we have taken different measures by the Army to prove the security of the citizens."

Man on the south side

The fact is, after the leaflets circulated in the south of Cesar, where the ELN guerrillas have named a military strike, fear in this division of the department.

Last week, through social networks, it was believed to be released by the dispersed group in Pelaya, which created an emergency among its residents, to the extent that it closed Several door shops and some parents stopped children to schools.

Secretary of the Pelaya Government, Walfran Rinaldy Castilla, said the situation was successful, following a personal megaphone of the Army to inform the community that the booklet was wrong and that it was ensured that there was a public order in .

"Security advice was made and after analyzing the situation, it was decided that the image that was distributed through the wrong networks, so the convener be calm, "said the officer.

He said he "explored who downloaded the online document, expanded the letter and started to burn this image that created tension among residents; this town. "
The authorities disappeared work in the area, to protect public order.

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