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In 2018, just over 500 cases were reported to be spending in Sweden. on & # 39; Gotland there were no cases reported over time Skåne County that represented 55 of the cases last year. Stockholm represented the bulk of the spending on 140. The number of people with the disease has been fairly evenly balanced since the late 1980s, but it does go well. partly.

"The disease in Sweden cannot be eradicated unless you get it out all over the world," she said Jerker Jonsson, a researcher at the Public Health Authority, to Sydney News Group.

Of the people affected by the disease In 2018, 78 patients were thought to have had the disease in Sweden. For example, someone with a foreign disease or elderly people who have recently introduced a disease may be relatives.

– It was only in the 1950s that drug treatment came to pass, says Jerker Jonsson for the news agency Siren.

As a result of the very large receptionist in 2015-2016, the number of people suffering from the disease rose slightly, but the figures have since fallen. Treatment, which is a lung disease, can be fatal if not treated. In Sweden, most people are cured and any infection happens quickly after he starts treatment. It will last for at least six months. It is unusual that anyone can die with tuberculosis in Sweden, but when it happens, it is often blended because of other patients who have an old illness.

According to Jerker Jonsson Sweden will have had the disease compared to other countries. There are only 4.9 cases for every 100 000 residents in Sweden, which is around six times lower than the European average.

– The whole problem is that everyone does not have access to healthcare and that the treatment is taking a long time. If you are a family provider, you may not be able to stay away from their work and in many countries it is not possible to join a sick leave, says Jerker Jonsson for the news agency Siren.

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