Mugur Isărescu has asked his speaker Calin Popescu to answer Tariceanu: "It's an inappropriate logic – News from sources


Dan Suciu, a Roman National Bank speaker (BNR), Tuesday Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Senate and ALDE President, responded to the link between LIBOR handling and a " deal with ROBOR.

President of the Calin Popescu President said Tuesday that contact should be between the NBR and the Government, and the National Bank should accept the invitation of the Parliament to respond to suspicion of the " ROBOR treatment. Tarices have argued that the query marks appear in the situation in which a number of European Union (EU) banks in which LIBOR used.

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"How do you handle this (if ROBOR is handled)? Listen carefully to Mr Tariceanu and he says he is not among those who believe this (using ROBOR –, But such questions arose, and it would be good if the National Bank was to clarify it. We are totally agreeing. We will also clarify the Parliament if We would like this, based on appropriate communication. What happened today? No questions were raised, complaints. Mr Zamfir does not ask himself: is the ROBOR handled? He gives birth to ten days, and today he says that he is coming by evidence. What evidence has come to? For ten days, Mr Zamfir throwing those fractions with ROBOR's handling, not to prove anything. His party's head says something else e: "Yes, sir, there are some questions. I do not believe that, but they should be scattered. "I'm sure there's a conversation in a normal debating format where we do not put up blankets and where we do not turn black to white. Your question is very simple: ROBOR is not handled. Another used in 2013 in LIBOR (also known as Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, does not mean that there is elsewhere, there will be another archive. It's an unsuitable log. Indeed, we can talk about access and there is a high dialogue, "said Dan Suciu Tuesday in a show at Realitatea TV, a writing.

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Zamfir was invited to the Roman National Bank's governor on Tuesday, 29 January, but, in the voice of Suciu, Isarescu refused the invitation. Suciu argued that the Seanad ALDE must first respond to allegations about the maliciousness of an office, and he could not hear and debate in a "sad news" environment.

As a result of this non-show, ALDE Senator Daniel Zamfir announced that he would again invite the Governor NBG Mugur Isarescu to the Economic Commission and the hearings of the Finance Committee and Bogdan Chiriţoiu, President of the Competition Council, to explain to do ROBOR index calculations and not only. The new invitations will be put through the Senate's Permanent Bureau in the next week, when Zamfir wants Isarescu to hear.

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