Munich: Welcome for the Valentin-Order award to Andreas Gabalier


Andreas Gabalier will be awarded in Munich by the Valentin Order.

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The controversial musician Andreas Gabalier should receive Valentine's Order. But as the self-musical rock people seem to try to make brown imagination, a bad storm now seems to be; situation.

Munich – The Zoff between Narrlala and the defenders of Karl Valentin's estate for a long time. But now the appetite company has been in & # 39; pour the herb to the connoissearan Valentin! She wants the controversial musician Andreas Gabalier to give the Valentine Order – and so the Munich guide will be known to the barricades.

Justice against Gabalier: "Game with fascist symbols"

"Gabalier is inaccurate with his image with fascist symbols such as the swastika on his cover, his pollution and homophobia called Karl Valentin," a & # 39; Lawyer complains, Gunter Fette, who is on behalf of the Valentins Family who ruled his estate. For a long time it has felt that Narrhalla's decisions are increasingly unintentional. "When it was known that Gabhalier was getting to his arms, we broke his" collar! "

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"Horrible mistake," said Old-OB Christian Ude (l.) – Narrhalla Vice Günter Malescha: "Allegations are unstable."

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The old Christian Ude said: "The Narchalla has succeeded Gabalier's amazing mistake!" Ude finds out that Nailhall should consult Valentin connoisseurs in the future, before deciding.

Sabine Rinberger, director of Valentin-Karlstadt-Musäums, is angry: "The Narrulla opposes a big artist. Because it's a stomach for me five times!" Even & # 39; s the "Saubande" – which is the mass sponsorship club, in which Luise Kinseher and Helmut Schleich – are very disturbed. And Alfons Schweiggert of the Karl Valentin Society, which also includes Konstantin Wecker and Gerhard Polt, says: "We're sorry!"

Mischievous Gabalier? "There are 80,000 girls in a stadium certainly not wrong!"

Narchalla vice Günter Malescha says: "Above, a man or another man finds his / her opinion that Gabalier is in the right corner. If you look closely, it is not possible. Also, it should be uncertain, it's unhappy. There are 80,000 girls in a stadium certainly not wrong! "

Valentine Order

125th birthday Karl Valentin

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The Narclela presents the Karl-Valentin Order from the 70s. Valentine's daughter, Bertl Böheim, had allowed that at that time. The first coin is Loriot (1974), Sigi Sommer (1975) and Gert Fröbe (1976). Harald Juhnke (1993), Senta Berger (1998), Thomas Gottschalk (2001), Helmut Dietl (2005) and Iris Berben (2007) also won the base. There Pope Benedict XVI. The order in 1989 was amazing, with its first appearance. However, Joseph Ratzinger walked as a teenager set up Valentine's funeral in Planegg as he was a supporter for the supernatural. The prize to FDP Jürgen Möllemann (1992) was really controversial.

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