Municipal Councilors: Part is for one session half of the minimum salary


Over 20,000 Slovene and Serran were involved in local elections.

It was not just for the county chairs, on Sunday we also fought for stools in town councils. As long as 22,314 applicants qualify for elections to town councils, 3327 were elected. B & # 39; He was the eldest candidate 18, the eldest 96. How the elders will Performing their work from time to time, they receive payments in the server tax form. We checked the number of serving taxes in twelve towns, the results are very different. From the symbolic amount of one euro to an extra half of the minimum salary.

The highest level of service taxes is set by the Public Equalities (ZUJF) Act. Therefore, councilors in towns with more residents can pay higher attendance rates, and those from the smaller towns are smaller. The amount of monthly payment to the saint is linked to the salary of the lord, with a substantial salary on the size of his home with the number of residents. Payment under the ZUJF should not exceed 7.5 per cent of total maritime salary, but the amount does not include a contribution for the service period received by the factor.

Maximum attendance fees

The highest sanctions of saints are in Nova Gorica, which amount to 457.66 euros, which is more than half of the lowest salary, currently at 842.79 euros. There are 32 councilors sitting in the town council, which, according to his / her. city, which takes place once a month. From the community of Novo Mesto we subsequently introduced the saints' rights to high-income fees, but are not received due to the ZUJF, obtaining the highest statutory rates, which what's reach 7.5% of salary and fingers.

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Uncommon variety of bulk and town councils

The city of Slovenj Gradec is near the sails in the town of Novo Mesto. Each of the 25 members of the council receives 304, 94 euros each, which is more than one third of the lowest salary value. The number of meetings is similar to those in Nova Gorica, from 10 to 12 of them annually.

Nearly one-third of the lowest salary (costing € 280) is included with the newly elected councilors in Ljubljana (278 euros) and Radovljica (276 euros). Saints in Radovljica, who are not a city center, receive higher and salaried attendance fees in Novo mesto (201 euros), which is a town.

The smallest in Ankaran

In the youngest town, town councilors get a symbolic euro for the meeting. According to the ZUJF, the town could pay £ 13 for 13 councils. Each session, the town will save more than 2,800 euros for small meetings.

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