Murdo Fatoumata M. Ndiaye: Sound reveals the identity of the trustees •


The previous Massacre of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (Cese), Fatoumata Matar Ndiaye, has not completed all the mysteries. According to Les Echos, the dead person's family in which Samba Sow's murderer has a sparkling audio that spells his & her; appearing the names of trustees. From the prison cell in Rebeuss, b & # 39; Sow can go with Bineta Ndiaye, aka Bobo, who is the youngest sister of the deceased. We are participating in Les Echos's telephone interview content.

"Hello! Boolo, I'm Bathie."

"What is Bathie!"

"Samba Sow, I just want to say that it is … and kill your mother (Fatoumata Matar Ndiaye). They got a drink of milk and asked me to meet the marabout in the text of Texaco's gas station. Two (?) have completed their plan. I have always refused to do so. I had been convicted from my home because the mother refused to apply the mother. I want you to go and question the two women who are responsible for April, and One of them still holds my wedding money (400,000 francs and they tell you everything about the incident, this day and the name of the message in the article, I am again opposing a judge's office with one of them, and despite the fact, I want the test to be held and everything onsolve. "

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