Murphy Oil leaves Malaysia after the 40th anniversary of the $ USbil $ US2 contract


KUALA LUMPUR (21 March): Murphy Oil Corp destroys Malaysia after two decades of operations, by exporting Mallaig's oil and gas reserves to a value of $ $ 2.127 t billion (RM8.62 billion).

Business package continues to cost a bonus payment of US $ 100 million (RM405.32 million) which will depend on the results of a future investigative drill by October 2020, the group said in a statement. T .

Murphy noted that her subsidiaries – Murphy Sabah Oil Co Ltd and Murphy Sarawak Oil Co Ltd – would be sold to the Public Sector Research and Production of Thailand PTT (PTTEP) before the end of the second quarter of this year.

They said that leaving her from Malaysia was simplifying for the company and allowed her to focus more on what they are doing in the Atlantic.

Murphy said that he distributes money from the business to take forward “strategic priorities”, including returning money to shareholders and reducing debt.

“Under all the terms, Murphy wears out of the country of Malaysia. Starting with the release for the first stage of 2019, it will be reported that Malaysia's work will act as an operation operation and be classified as '39'; sold for sale for financial reporting purposes.

“After 20 years of successful Malaysian jobs, I am delighted to be presenting this cash-in-hand donation which will bring our shareholders totally with Making money money. That will give us more financial flexibility and will allow us to continue to share our money back to our shareholders through repurchase of the share, ”said Murphy President and chief executive officer of Roger W Jenkins in a statement. T .

“I would like to thank our long-term partners in Malaysia, Petronas, Petronas Carigali and Pertamina. Most importantly, I would like to thank Malaysia's committed staff for the hard work and endless dedication we have to our company and look forward to the successful transition to PTTEP, ”Jenkins said. .

According to Murphy, 816 million barrels of oil (Mmboe) was backed by net keepers at Murphy at the end of 2018, while Malaysia had 16% or 129 Mmboe. And of the 129 Mmboe resources confirmed, 70 Mmboe has been identified as unimproved.

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