Music for the 2018 Annual Year and the New Year 2019 on Spotify and YouTube



There is an important time in quiet during the time New Year Chimes, to be able to take the 12 vines and start it New Year well prepared. But before, and especially after, what's better than music to mark a minute. After 12 strokes, I'm sure you have similar congratulations to WhatsApp, so it's time to enjoy the ones that are close to them Distribution with a special selection of music for the Year of the Year 2018.

Snow Distribution created spread with songs & # 39; Marchosas & # 39; recently, and not so recently, for identifying the 2018 Night of the Year. But, as you would expect, most of these songs are </ p>; run a Latin Rhythm: spread Maybe I'll get you longer, or you're not just happy. If not, then you will have it playlist & # 39 ;! New Year's Eve New! " Spotify yourself as the first choice for your music New Year 2019.

New Year's Eve! on Spotify

If you want more different music –although Latin rhythm is unstable … – here you have a second playlist on Spotify specially selected for tonight. From Marc Anthony to ABBA, through Alejandro Sanz and Raphael too. Everything you need for a & # 39; First cast and start dances of the year with a good atmosphere.

Night of the Year 2019 on Spotify

Playlists on YouTube and Spotify for the 2018 Annual Year and New Year 2019

There are not many who finish the year and their # 39; celebrating New Year's Eve to Pijama Sin, Natti Natasha and Becky G's rhythm; Again, if one of the people who enjoy Latin music, this is a playlist music on YouTube to close its year and start 2019 with a good rhythm. But there is not just a reggaeton, and you may have to give this opportunity Playlist playlist in any case.

Night of the Year 2018 on YouTube

I pack the Chocolatero, from King Africa, one of those songs that should not be lost at any party, right? With that song this is a start YouTube Playlist for New Year's Eve, and continue with & # 39; maritime issues Mayonnaise, Pump o The Macarena from Los del Río. Of course, a special selection of songs both for New Year's Eve and to continue to play; go with the party New Year 2019.

New Year's Eve classes on YouTube

Written by Carlos González

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