Musicians are overwhelmed over a hot brother Jessika


Their favorite ones have appeared from a wedding at first sight – and not even a wedding or a bridegroom.

Through the last night's program, we met Jessika, who was the same as Mick's homemaker.

Among the many problems that had been at two who had a problem; meet for the first time at the end of the corridor, a new target for thirst was arrived at; appears at her wedding: the exacerbated brother Jessika, Rhyce.

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He spent a little time to look good and his / her; Burning to producers about her concerns about Jessika's love game, but many of us had been trying to get to her. keep track of his words.

I mean …

At the same time, the "Rhyce" growth became a move issue on Twitter.

Rhyce has already been very popular with Instagram, bringing over 21,000 fans on Wednesday morning.

Here are some of the recent posts:

Married at the first sight Continued 7.30pm tonight at nine o'clock.

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