Muslims are angry because the referee "rob" is the goal of Van Toan


– – Many Vietnamese and Malayis fans have been disturbing social network sites when the referee dealt with the offside banner, Bring out the father of Van Toan to Myanmar's web at the end of his game.

Coach Park Hang This is a referee refusing when the team of Vietnam lost the goal

Vietnam hurried on the finals, Myanmar was killed in Malaysia

Newspaper from Cornwall: Unlawful reconciliation, which is emptied in Vietnam; disappeared uneasily

Van Toan's unidentified aims:

The situation occurred in the 77 minutes, when Quang Hai left around the world to push it out, Kyaw Htet dropped the ball. Van Toan quickly introduced her to come to Myanmar's web.

However, the Thai side referee – Phubes Lekpha said Van Toan is outside and the level of Hai Duong's original strike.

There are videoptera recordings, this is very aware and Van is like the final defender of Myanmar at the time Quang Hai launched a dog.

Muslims are angry because the confectioner is in a position; Visiting Vietnam & # 39;
The Van Toan situation was hit on the web

At the end of the game, he raised his community and told the referee that the referee had "steal" the Vietnam aim. If the step is recognized, this Hang Park army coach receives semi-final decisions and has not been involved in the last row to meet Cambodia.

Musicians have asked that Surya from Malaysia is posted by the Tweet: "I do not know what the referee thinks about." Van Toan was not clear to her; falling into the outside.

"I'm not happy with the result," said Petrichor, who said: "There are many good opportunities for Vietnam and the referee was unlucky."

Muslims are angry because the confectioner is in a position; Visiting Vietnam & # 39;
Many fans are unhappy with the Thai referee decision

One of the Oran's female names on Ten78's name is very uncertain: "Myanmar has bought his game."

On the side of Vietnamese web users, just after their battle, they broke out a personal Facebook page of a Thai court judge – Phubes Lekpha expressed "indignant", causing him to change his personal representation image immediately. as well as Facebook cover pictures.

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