MV & A; built up to criticize religion, Bich Phuong spoke and creative director up


The people who praised the peaceful and skilful suggestion of the Bich Phuong religious disagreement and the team.

Recently, the new MV brings Bich Phuong's magic color – She raised up – was officially launched. Along with the bold black and innovative image of the female singer, there are some ideas in I got up they sat on him and left them religious images.

In particular, when viewing the MV, many websites are said to be monitored and displayed; criticize Bich Phuong for using a hammer for layers of eggs; hit, or to use arrows for & # 39; Cross & # 39; burned in the MV Crime directly on the faith of fans.

In addition, the image of Phuong Bich's transformation to a character is similar to Mary and her; Keeping a dragon at the end of the MV is also controversial.

The article MV created I got up is divided regularly today

Before the riot, Bich Phuong himself and the creative director of the MV began I got up has corrected the scenes that resemble religious observance.

On the image of her & her; Fry, Ph.D. called the eggs in the MV as raw eggs, he used a symbolic image for the badly damaged males and his / her; express the child at Kyna's character. In other words, these eggs are decorated and shaped like eggs, not Easter eggs.

There will be a sight of hammer to make eggs broke broke

There are no realistic crisps. In fact, the characters are burned and the arrows killed in the MV of straw puppies.

And finally, Bich Phuong's picture at the end of the MV is a picture of moon, not Mary. Some think that Phuong's Bich is a? Changes in Madonna just because she has a picture of Mary. On the other hand, there is no sign that flashes the image of the Magdines as a snapshot today.

The Bich Phuong drift is used as a symbol for the power of the girls' cover.

In addition to checking, & # 39; explaining the controversial scenes, Bich Phuong also said that the MV message was only about domestic violence, which criticized violent men, abolish their wives and their children. sweep off his duty. He does not really care about the criminals and disasters, but because he is opposed to the message the team wants to send, Phuong must talk out for the criminals and disasters, protect a song, the singer said.

Original article to correct the female singer's controversy

In addition to Bich Phuong, creative director of MV She raised up – Denis Dang Duc Hieu – also discusses the controversial controversy, clothing on shrubs in the past.

He said, I got up built as one Complex multi-complexity & where Vietnamese cultures have been introduced, integrated and modernized by world culture. The purpose of building this multi-world world is to provide more power, to maintain and protect Vietnam women and the world.

This is shown by the image of archery sisters in straw puppies (a power representation), the colorful eggs (a symbol for behavioral hope) and information about eggs will be born. (women's urge). In other words, all of these details, there are no images related to religion.

Denis Deng also explained the MV

Artwork reproduces a & # 39; opinion I got up

I have never built a religious honor, & # 39; Denis Deng, But in the & # 39; a production process, some of the dress and props options may have been to make the unwanted societies a & # 39; making the audience unhappy. When you get the feedback, Denis is very tough and makes changes to the following projects. & # 39;

Thanks to the strength of Bich Phuong, Denis Deng, a controversy about religious progress has risen rapidly. In addition, the fans in particular and their web browsers did not recommend their suggestion before responding well to this team. I got up

She raised up – Bich Phuong

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